Monday, November 03, 2008

It? Has been Busy

Hello there! Do you hear that dragging noise? That's my ass! In the last week, I met with two book clubs, gave presentations to roughly 60 college freshmen in three classes, attended two work meetings, carved three pumpkins, handed out candy to 66 trick-or-treaters, enjoyed a night out with 10 other women (one of whom was subjected to an incredibly humiliating birthday treatment at a local Mexican restaurant), and along with 140 other people, attended a baptism party for my friend L's son. Unfortunately, we didn't all fit in one vehicle.

I was half an hour late for the Tuesday night book club meeting because I got Horror Movie Lost due to the fact that my Mapquest directions were butt-cobbled together by blind, insidious elves and I am an idiot who did not remember to ask for my host's phone number. Luckily, just as the light was fading from the sky, I finally found the address, and the attendees were simply gracious and wonderful. We had an absolute blast despite my tardiness and my sweaty pits and the slightly-crazed look in my eye from driving around and around like a maniac looking for the correct turn.

I know I promised some Halloween-related photos last week; they're a little late, but Daisy insisted I show the world what a mean dog mom I can be.

The only way Daisy will let you brush her or pick dingleberries from her bum or put her spider Halloween hat on is if you lift her up onto the washing machine. This way, her mobility is completely dependent on you, the human. So is her dignity.
Two of our jack o'lanterns. Yes, we cheated and used patterns. Eight years ago I actually designed three original carving patterns. Do you know how much work that was? It was a nutty amount of work. Absolutely nutty.
The cartoony version of Vlad. Hey, is anyone watching HBO's True Blood? Did anyone else laugh hysterically after last night's episode like I did? (So ... Sam is a ... COLLIE?!?!)
Daisy, without her spider costume but with some of her dignity restored.

Daisy and I would like to wish everyone a Happy Election Day on Tuesday...I still remember my mom taking me into the voting booth with her when I was a kid--it felt like we were going into a curtained phone booth to turn into superheroes. I vaguely recall that she let me push a few of the buttons for her (we were probably the only family in our county to vote for Carter back in 1980), and now that I think about it, I may have been so enamored with the whole process that I 'played voting' with my Barbies afterwards. God only knows what THAT entailed.
So vote on November 4 (if you haven't already ... and don't forget to pee first and maybe pack a snack, in case the lines are long). Also, it's NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writing Month. Butt-in-chair, five to ten pages a day, and you'll have a novel by December first. Or, at the very least, a series of frustrated journal entries with chapters titled "What should I write about today?" (week one) or "BlahblahfartstinknothinginspiringpoopwhydidIdothistomyselfIhatewriting!" (week three). Have fun!


  1. For some crazy reason, I signed up for NaNoWriMo. It's my first year. Depending on how things go, it could be my last.

    wish me luck!

  2. Anonymous1:20 PM

    GREAT carving!!!!!

  3. Photos of Daisy are WONDERFUL. I can see her pride. She clearly loves the hat in her own special way.

  4. What a cutie! I saw a Yoda doggie costume that actually tempted me, but I'm far too cheap to spend money on such things. My husband glowers because I'm too cheap for a TiVo, though, so it's not just doggie things.

    I brought my daughter into the booth with me to vote for Clinton in February, and my husband took her in to vote for Obama that same day. It felt like a really good day. I hope tomorrow's even better.

  5. I will be watching that particular episode of True Blood tonight. But I already knew that Sam was a dog. They've been hinting at it forever.

  6. dude. those pumpkins are awesome. seriously.

  7. Voting DONE - I rocked it!

    come be maahhh frieend on Nano yo!

  8. You know...I've had that dream too. Oh...the attending a night out with 10 other women one. ;)

  9. Checking in ...

    Because well, you know, I care.

    How goes things?

  10. Oof you are a busy lady. I hope you don't get hopelessly lost on Thursday night!

    Barbie voting--I've never heard of ANYONE playing that--but how cool!

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