Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Welcome, Dick Gobbler

Yesterday J's best friend left us a present on our front door:

It's always nice to begin these things with a touch of class, don't you agree?

General updates: if you'd like to do a good deed for the day, vote for the Antigo City Farm "Urban Tree Program" HERE. The proposed project with the most votes wins. (You have to register, but you can vote three times. I always vote three times, so this was right up my alley.)

Next, if you want to watch something quirky and have a soft-spot in your heart for underdogs, check out Anvil! The Story of Anvil. We watched it last night, and I adored this movie. Go rent it. It kind of reminded me of American Movie, which contains some of my favorite lines ever. I've never been one for the pre-packaged Hollywood "Feel Good" movies, and both of these films are so much more honest and raw and hilarious (often unintentionally so)...AND they make you feel good. Go little human spirit, go! You too can triumph in the face of adversity! Or at least make a really good movie about your efforts!

I will return on Friday with one of my delinquent GCC posts. In the meantime, there are good deeds to do and movies to watch!


  1. That could be the best Christmas wreath ever.

  2. That is one crazy wreath. Nice of him to have left it on your front door. :-)

    And thanks for the movie recommendations... I'm on the hunt for some good rentals as we're coming to the end of "The Office" DVDs.

  3. Does that have anything to do with 'spotted dick', which I've heard has been renamed, 'spotted richard'? HA!

  4. miss you girlfriend! How're things?