Monday, January 11, 2010

Not a Resolution

Updating my blog regularly, that is. Why? Because I am about to write ten grant proposals between now and May 28. This will come to roughly 1,000 pages of narrative, budget wordsmithery and number crunching, and assorted attachments. Not including meetings with clients to plan for, develop, and revise the drafts, plus more revisions and editing, plus the actual preparation for submission.

I do this because I like to eat, and I like my health insurance policy. It also supports the occasional weekend binge, which has developed as a result of my work schedule. (That's a nifty little circular firing squad of a habit right there.) I'm at the office so much that I eat lunch and dinner there, come in again on the weekends, and believe it or not, I just did a twenty minute workout online, in front of my desk, via Exercise TV.

I still can't figure out if this is a pinnacle or new depth for me.

Somewhere in all of this, I miraculously found time to catch an episode of what could quite possibly be the worst reality show ever. We suffered through Rock of Love (the ones in the house and the one on the bus) and Daisy of Love ... I endured I Love New York and even a few episodes of that horrid Tila Tequila dating show (that didn't work out so well for her, I guess) AND whatever the hell that show was about becoming less of an asshole. Which could really be almost any of them, I guess.

But. BUT: there is a new contender for worst reality show ever!! Frank the Entertainer in a Basement Affair. 31 year-old living in his parents' basement weeds through 15 girls IN said basement on that good old quest for true love. (Because if you can't find it in your parents' basement, where can you find it?) I don't think I can bring myself to watch this again, as I'd like to perhaps reserve that portion of my brain that may be suffocated by this show for future needs. Like, remembering to put my shoes on over my socks.

And in the middle of all of this there are NEW and WONDERFUL television events I'm missing, like Blood, Sweat, and Takeaways (okay, so I'm a total nerd and this probably won't appeal to most normal people), and Big Love's new season, and the return of all of my little lovelies on NBC Thursday nights, and Chopped, and Flight of the Conchords, and on and on. Many of the shows I enjoy are likely signs of civiliation's imminent collapse, but they sure are nice little thirty or sixty minute vacations from reality.

Now if you'll excuse me, it's finally time to leave the office.

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  1. Sometimes a bit of trashy reality tv really does clear your mind of any intelligent thought racing around in your brain.

    Bad reality t.v. is like legal crack for the brain.