Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hello, Baby

Are you there, blog? It's me, Jess. I have no excuses for being so neglectful. Things have happened that have certainly been blog-worthy. A few weekends ago J and I "rescued" a Monarch butterfly tangled in its chrysalis (we used tweezers and Q-Tips, in case you're wondering), and at 2 in the morning last week I woke to the sound of gunfire (which turned out to be the sound of my shave gel exploding in the shower. It was so rusty the integrity of the container was compromised ... had I gotten up for some midnight hygiene, I could have lost an eye!). We also caught a fantastic exhibit at the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, stumbled across a fall festival on the riverwalk in Sheboygan, and had the best dinner we've had in years, at Stefano's. So good we briefly lost the power of speech and get misty-eyed just talking about it.

We're still trying to sell our house, I'm back to work, and I'm still plugging away on one of my novel proposals, which is giving me fits. BUT! Something really neat has happened! I have a new niece. Her name is Corinne. Isn't she beautiful?

Welcome to the world, wee one! She may need to wear a teeny leg brace for a few weeks to straighten out a minor hip issue, but it will be the cutest leg brace in the history of orthopedics, and all will be right with the world after the whole experience. (North Korea and Afghanistan not included.) Well, there's also the issue that it appears she was born with a giant thumb stuck to the right side of her head--nothing some minor cosmetic surgery can't help with.

Her older brother isn't as thrilled with having a new baby sister, but he'll come around.

It's the autumn of babies: Corinne is the first of three nieces for us this year, and I have several friends who have had or are expecting their first babies as well. So of course there is some self-reflection going on (to have or not to have, that is the question...ideally answered before my ovaries shrivel up). But in the meantime, we get to enjoy all of these bundles of pink (yes, all girls!) with their soft, baby shampoo-scented heads and hand them back to their parents when the crying begins.


  1. She is indeed beautiful. And midnight hygiene sounds like the name of a punk rock group to me.

  2. Hey Jess- You weren't kidding - SHE IS beautiful! My nephew had to wear the tiny little brace for a short time. No big deal, and I think there actually was a short truce between Israel and Palestine upon removal.... So who knows what Corrine's perfection could bring to the world?

    To have or not to have really comes back round to the original question: To BE or not to be. Whatever you decide in the kid regard- you've already unleashed you're creativity on the world in ways most of us just dream about.

  3. She is beautiful! Even with that extra thumb sticking outta her head! xo