Monday, December 13, 2010

That's Using the Ol' Noggin

Did you survive the Great Blizzard of 2010? We used the occasion to watch the first season of Dexter. About nine hours in, we hit midnight—as we rolled onward, we’d turn to each other for confirmation before starting the next episode, eyeballs beginning to smoke: “Watch the next one?” And we’d nod and queue it up. You hit a certain point when you’re engaged in such indulgent, irresponsible activities and think, “Why the hell not? We don’t have kids!” It felt decadent. It felt wrong. It felt awesome. We finished the season at 3:30 in the morning.

If you’re not familiar with Dexter, it’s a series first developed for Showtime back in 2006, currently rounding the bend on its sixth season. Dexter is a Blood Spatter* Analyst who works for the Miami PD and also happens to be a serial killer who channels his bloodlust to people who deserve it. I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to watch the series, and I think it’s because I knew it would be good, and I knew I’d lose myself down the rabbit hole for 12 hours if I started.

On Day Two of the blizzard, I thought I’d initiate our kitchen remodel by head-butting a sharp corner of our cabinets. Actually, I was simply being too exuberant in my attempt to stamp down the garbage, and ended up with my first, honest-to-goodness head gusher. I’d never had a head injury before, so I was unsure of the protocol—when does a bleeding head warrant stitches? I was opposed to the idea, because I had visions of a tech shaving my head and creating a permanent bald patch in an already-thin area. It hurt like hell, my bathroom looked like a murder scene, and I now have a series of disgusting, blood-crusted scabs near my part.

Good times.

More good times: we just got billed for the first installment of the street work completed last year ($5,000-yippee!), and we lost our contingent offer on the new place. The house we want to buy has been listed since April, and ours was the only offer fielded…until this past weekend, when two non-contingent offers came in.

SERIOUSLY?? How does that happen? It feels like a conspiracy. J and I have to make some tough decisions tonight, see how we want to proceed. These days, it feels much too dangerous to carry two mortgages when you don’t have to.

Altogether, it really makes my head hurt. Again.

*Spatter. Isn’t that a fun word? Who wouldn’t want that in their job descriptor? “Oh me? Yeah, I’m a word spatter specialist.”


  1. We just started Season 2 of Dexter. Delish.
    its totally addictive. And how do you feel sympathetic for a serial killer? Dunno - but you DO!

  2. Geez, mate, sorry about the house. You guys have been at this a long time now. As for a $5000 streetwork bill, am I missing something here? Is this work the city did that you are responsible for paying? How does that make sense?
    Hope your head starts to feel better.

  3. Thanks, LAB. Everyone on our street got hit with their portion of the street repair bill; targeted taxes, I guess. LOL...but, it beats having a sewage line explode beneath the street this winter.

  4. Ann from Texas9:13 AM

    I am so glad to have discovered your blog! I clicked over one day from Nathan Bransford's blog, and promptly spent the next way too long amount of time reading your blog, laughing so hard I was crying at times, and completely neglecting my law practice! I have thoroughly enjoyed the great humor and stories. I am an aspiring novelist so it is fun to read about your writing career and adventures. Thanks for the stories!