Wednesday, January 23, 2013

And...We have a Winner!

Congrats to Janie Junebug! You win a copy of Suzy Soro's awesome memoir, Celebrity sTalker.

Wow, there were a lot of links in those two sentences. You should click them all! Live on the edge, I always say.

Attention patient bargain-hunters: Tomorrow is a big day for me. And you, maybe! The Kindle version of All the Lonely People will be only 99 cents on Amazon this Thursday and Friday. $0.99!!! But the post-holiday fire sale lasts for two days only. That's less than anything on the dollar menu at McDonald's, and much better for your heart! And thighs--especially if you read it while running on a treadmill.

(But don't do that if you're prone to motion sickness.)

I'm actually part of the "99 cent Post-Holiday Genre Potpourri Event," featuring 14 authors in total. You can check out a list of the participating books on Amazon here. And the official press release here. Load up your Kindle for a few bucks!

If you read this on Saturday and missed the sale, email me and we'll work something out. A consolation prize of sorts.

In other news, I'm putting the finishing touches on a novella, and my day job is heating up. And by "heating up" I mean "will leave me in a straightjacket by July."


  1. Did you tweet this out? About your book on sale on Kindle? Twitter is the only PR I use and I can tweet the SHIT out of it. So, yes?

  2. YES! Still was 99 cents! My sister's going to kill me because my kindle's attached to her account, not mine, but I don't care.

    Do not end up in a straightjacket. I am pretty sure that they don't let you post and, since you amuse me, I would be displeased.