Friday, February 08, 2013

Closer Than They Appear: So Close it's Already Here!

Okay, so I was going to wait until closer to V-Day (when we celebrate V-necklines and Venereal Disease) to release my next project, because it's my first LOVE STORY, but I couldn't wait any longer because I am a Human Squee these days. So, I present to you: Closer Than They Appear: a novella plus.

Personal chef Harper and aspiring writer Zach have never met, but they see one another at the same stoplight every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday on their morning commutes. Harper turns left, Zach turns right, and gradually, they each begin to wonder about the person they see every other morning. The person with the smile that could fuel an empty heart for miles.

Reminiscent of Attachments and You've Got Mail, Closer Than They Appear is a charming, sweet hug of a story.
A comedy of missed connections that will fill your heart with the wistful hope and secret joy of a nearly impossible crush.

BONUSES: This novella also includes ten vegetarian recipes inspired by Harper and her clients, as well as the actual templates for Festival Bingo, inspired by Zach's roommate Josh.

This project represents a lot of Firsts for me:

First novella. With a plus, no less.

First story written entirely in the third person, past-tense.

First pure romantic comedy without any heavy themes. (Huzzah! says everyone sick of me trying to get all meaningful up in their grille. I’m not sure if “grill” needed an “e” right there, but it looked lonely and boring without it.)

First to be set in my current city. Though I don’t mention Oshkosh by name, landmarks, landmarks, get yer landmarks: South Park, Menominee Park, the UW-Oshkosh student union, Oblio’s, Peabody’s, Pick ‘n Save, Ardy & Ed’s, Tew’s Two Sporting Goods, the lake road, the Victorians on Washington, the quarry with all the inbred deer, the old *ahem* “Pubes” and Hoses sign, even the Target check-out guy in the wheelchair, who is fantastic. (“Hi, if you’re reading this! You’re so efficient and soft-spoken. And please stop looking at me like you know what I’m thinking.”)

First to include recipes. Seriously. And I wrote them all funny-like, to entertain you while you cook. Hope you like tofu and kale! *Collective retching sounds*

First to include bingo cards. Actually, I’m kind of hoping I’ve written the first book EVER to include bingo cards in the appendices, because wouldn’t that be awesome?? Talk about yer landmark!

It also represents some Seconds:

Second to include images. (See also: Driving Sideways)

Second to be written in alternating point-of-view chapters featuring two people who might be in love but don’t know it yet. (See also: Mandatory Release, coming soon!)

Second to have a fabulous cover designed by the exceedingly talented Sarah Hansen of Okay Creations (See also: All the Lonely People)

Thank you for enduring my shameless plug, for reading my blog, for reading my books, if you have...if you haven't, hello! I'm Jess. Can I tell you a story? Wait. First: do you mind swearing and jokes about pubes? No? We're going to get along just fine ...


  1. I'm so excited. I loved your first book and can't wait to read this one.

  2. Thank you, LMB! :)

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  4. Looks fantastic! I bought it immediately. Then I realized I hadn't read the official blurb or reviews -- just what you posted about it on your blog. I know it'll be great, though. Too late, anyway; it's mine now!

  5. Thanks, Caryn!!! I hope you like it--I had lots of fun writing it. :)

  6. Anonymous12:20 PM

    It is like you read my mind. I finished All The Lonely People Wednesday and thought "Damn it. Now what am I going to read? She needs more books."

  7. Then I wrote it for YOU, greenduckiesgirl. ;)