Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Stuff, Glorious STUFF! (My Ode to Dangerously Easy Online Shopping--Now with Extra Parentheses!)

It’s been said (by me, just now) that one can tell a lot about a person by the mail order companies they patronize (and speak condescendingly to). So, in the spirit of the whole “information superhighway” that this blog is suckling at the teat of (I absolutely hate that phrase, but it always cracks me up in a most goofy way, so I had to use it at least once here), let’s discuss the online / mail-order companies we throw our disposable income at.

Here are some online vendors I wholeheartedly recommend supporting, even though they're not paying me to say so nor have they asked me for a plug. I simply like them THAT MUCH.

Let’s begin with gardening—especially online purveyors of plants. I want to begin here because right now, this is the area I am currently blowing my future child’s diaper fund in. ‘Tis the season!

1) Graceful Gardens. Planting Party People in the House. Do you like large, healthy flowers? Do you like saving money? Clickity-click that lil’ mouse on over to order up a tray of some gorgeous perennials and annuals. They specialize in delphiniums and breaking my heart because I only have so much space in which to plant. (I promise an update later in the season on how my Graceful Gardens bebehs do in my new flowerbeds.) I know, this is another porch shot, but look at the size of those plants! They are worthy of inclusion in a Godzilla-themed diorama, or perhaps to serve as backdrop to Barbie's Ecotourism Romp in Costa Rica (the one that bastard Ken refused to go on with her, because he's afraid of bugs. What a f*cking baby, that Ken.)

2) Bluestone Perennials. Another winner. Ordered and planted some anise hyssop, astilbe, asters, and columbine last fall. And despite a solid trampling by some beefy contractors plus subzero temps this winter, 90% of these bebehs are already churning out the foliage. I am expecting another shipment from Bluestone later this week.

3) Spring Valley Roses. I just received 9 bareroot plants from Spring Valley. They are in this giant box, scaring the dickens out of me because they will require much digging. I apologize in advance, back muscles.

Daisy, you are no help to me with this planting project. Get some opposable thumbs and we’ll talk.

I had nothing to do with the torn linoleum to my right.
Nor did I have anything to do with the chewed trimwork to my left.
I swear.
Okay, but you know I really had nothing to do with the ghetto doorframe.
And what the hell is up with this giant box of plants?


Ohmygod. Something in this giant box just moved.

4) I also support Gardener’s Supply Company and Gardens Alive! Seriously; how could I not support a company with an “Alive!” family of products? It makes my heart want to tapdance and hum a happy tune.

5) I am expecting two rose bushes (the elusive and delicately-petaled Fru Dagmar Hastrup rugosa, rumored to be of heady scent with hips to boot in fall) from High Country Roses next week. The company and its product come highly recommended. I will let you know if my expectations are exceeded or dashed against the giant rocks we keep discovering in our garden excavations.

On to the beauty products.

1) DHC. I got sucked in to the DHC cult after receiving some glorious free samples. Expensive products, but you get free samples with every catalog (and they seem to come monthly). I highly recommend the Deep Cleansing Oil. And did I mention the free samples?

2) I recently received some quality samples (not free, but inexpensive) from Emerita skincare products. Visiting their website, I see they also specialize in products to enhance sexual vitality. I have not tried this sexual vitality line of products. (Come on, click…you know you want to.)

Pet products! I buy Daisy’s food at a lovely Ma Shop (there’s no Pop) a block from my office. But from time to time, I also support:

1) Drs. Foster and Smith. Heck, they’re from Wisconsin. Yadderhey, ya know?

2) I recommend the Tripett green beef tripe, but plug your nose when you open the can. The scent will defoliate the small hairs in your nostrils, and strip the cilia from your lungs. And then you will probably throw-up.

3) Only Natural Pet. When Daisy had her bleeding muzzle issue last fall, I zeroed in on this place as a potential salvation. I still feed her half an allergy tab when she’s looking wilty.

1) The Tea Table

2) Paper Street Teas

Both companies offer a delightful looseleaf green tea with cherry infusion. (The Tea Table lets you order free samples. Free! It’s one of my favorite words.)

Coffees: Thanksgiving Coffee Company. Pick your flavor / pick your cause.

I’m not even going to discuss the clothing I order online now and then, because it’s just really uninspiring and sad. Of course, I also order scads of books online. And vitamins. And candles. And other perishables and non-perishables that come in boxes and make it feel like Christmas until I get the bill. And I don’t even have CHILDREN yet!!!

Whew. I'm spent.

So where do you shop online?


  1. I'm trying really hard not to feel sorry for myself. For a variety of reasons - but mainly because a majority of Canadians are urban - there essentially is NO mail order culture in Canada. Sniff.

  2. I am boring. I shop @, and lets me shop with info I've already entered into the database. has vegetarian pig's ears doggy treats (Better Than Ears) and that's why my baby likes. :) I will email you immediately after this, I SWEAR!

  3. Amazon and I have a very special relationship. I've also been known to drastically inflate the value of my skin with Kiehl's.

  4. too many! old navy, children's place, lands end, amazon...

    love shopping online. love it.

  5. Ebay Babbbyyyyy!!!

  6. surcie8:11 AM

    Loving this post--because I'm an online-shopping junkie. And because I've probably never planted anything in my whole life and I'm awed. And because that dog is SO funny and really should write a book.

    My latest online purchases included a sectional sofa from Pottery Barn, everyday dishes from Crate and Barrell, chocolate from Vosges, roses from Martha Stewart, bath stuff from Sephora, and bull penises from Sit Stay. (Amazon is my all-time favorite because they have Every Freaking Thing.)

  7. Eileen9:00 AM

    It's possible my dogs could have done the chewed trimwork. I've seen that around here. Or perhaps Daisy broke in and did it and I blamed my dogs....

    Check out Golden Moon Teas- the vanilla jasmine tea is DIVINE

  8. I really only order books online...and even then...not all that often. I'm such a Luddite.

  9. Indigo Wild for GREAT smelling soap. The soap costs a ton, but is totally worth it.

    Oh, and Land's End. And LL Bean. Also YourMusic.

    I'm realizing now that I might have a problem.

  10. I am totally into the Indigo Wild, as of recently... awesome stuff, and an assortment of stuff you will never find anywhar else. Buncha soapmaking hippies.

    And music... I've done used CD's at Amazon with great success. I've made exactly one Ebay purchase (digital camera) and it turned out perfectly. Cheaper than fixing the one I was replacing.

  11. I ebay all the time, but other than that the only thing I order online is ink for my printer and my MUST-HAVE Everyday Minerals foundation. I lOVE IT!

  12. I shop at


    It's a WHAT kind of store?

  13. Allergy tabs for dogs? Which ones? I'm desperate here.

  14. I bought an ant farm once online. Once.

  15. Darling. You love all the right things. I'm writing from Wisconsin to say that Gartenmeister fuchsia, pineapple sage, delphiniums, and Maggie's creme brulee and planked whitefish (or don't you eat whitefish?) are just what I like. If I had a choice between driving seven hours north or planting those beautiful bebehs, I'd pick planting.But I still wish you'd been on the other side of the table tonight. Jeez, that sounds like a come-on. Honest, it was meant to be sisterly, or something. United in cheeseness,


  16. Ken is SUCH a princess. I can't believe that he didn't go on that trip! You know what? I'm just gonna say it. Ken is TOTALLY gay and we ALL know that he's only interested in Babs for her shoes.

    And I want to marry Daisy. Is that allowed in Wisconsin?

  17. Can you hear me cursing you? Seriously, I'm using every word in my (lengthy) profanity repertoire 'cause my credit card doesn't need to be used this much!! The plant places, ohmyf*ckinggawdalmighty, I'm going there right now.

    SitStay? Love it. - cheap dog stuff... cheaper.

  18. My green thumb just had a seizure, I must go check out some of those sites! Although I must admit, the orange clay soil down here in the South has taken a little joy out of my planting bug. *sigh*
    Some of my faves:
    Ballard Designs
    Lands End (for the kiddos)
    Mary Kay

  19. For me online shopping really just amounts to online SPENDING! ~ jb///

  20. I like Amazon, but Ebay is my favorite.

    Just love waiting in the reeds til the last 4 seconds and then hitting that bid button.

    Oh yeah, I'm a sniper.

  21. girl, get real! there are so few places that i DON'T shop online. recently i've made purchases at,,,,, and

    sexual vitality??? what's that???

  22. On-line? Amazon and several others around Christmas, like Tastefully Simple and Harry & David. JC Penney, too. I really don't like to shop.

    I'm a drag.

    Love that Daisy!