Thursday, February 19, 2009

Okay, I'm Outting Myself as

A major nerd (to those of you who are not already aware that I am one), but do any of you listen to Car Talk with Click and Clack on public radio? At the end of the show they run through some fake credits, and they list a busy mom as "Herass Mustbedraggen." I feel like her right now. I have three grants due by March 6, one of which I haven't started yet because the other two projects have been eating my brain whole. (And my life, and my posture, and my ability to see long distances.)

Today I remembered that I haven't updated the blog since Monday, so let's see. A few updates:

1) I have had time to rent a movie or two. On deck tonight is Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, which follows last week's Zack & Miri Make a Porno. As I left the video store today I could very nearly hear the clerks whispering, "Oh, that's so sad! She still thinks she's in her mid-twenties!"

2) The house behind us sold, after two vacant years on the market. Because their deck and many windows overlook our tiny backyard that I spend lots of time in during summer, I am already freaking over the caliber of our new neighbors. Please be normal Please be normal Please be normal. The latest additions to our neighborhood were SUPERFUNGOODTIME kind of people, if your idea of SUPERFUNGOODTIMES involve late night ambulance visits, sirens, squad cars, screaming fights in public, and the idea that the man of the house is staring across the street at you, and your yard, "sketching your gardens" in his sketchpad.

3) I've been eating a lot of chocolate lately. My new favorite? Choxie milk chocolate with almonds and smoky sea salt. It's like a chocolate-covered pretzel, but BETTER.

4) When you work twelve hours straight at the computer and drive home late at night, would you fail a roadside sobriety test? I'm thinking it's possible!

Oh, guess what!!?!?! Just as I wrote this, a squad car whipped past, sirens and lights a-blazin.' Also, the dog crapped in the back hall and was trying to furtively eat it while still warm.

This is EXACTLY what Sheila E. meant by "The Glamorous Life."


  1. *gah* DOG NO!!!

    I don't think the Wombat has ever done that, but maybe he just hasn't gotten the fever for the flavor.

    of poop.

  2. Do I listen to Car Talk? Are you kidding? I've actually hired Dewey, Cheatum and How as my lawyers because of these guys.

  3. ACK! Too gross! My daughter overflowed the toilet this morning, and lost her cell phone for a week because she a. didn't clean it up properly (water on wood...not a good combo) and b. lied about it. Sigh. But hey, at least she didn't try to eat steaming shit. Our dog only does that with barf.

    Those choxie things sound amazingly perfect. I'll steer clear, or else I'll surely gain 30 lbs, to add to the 15 I've already gained since turning 40. Dang.

  4. Choxie? Really? I'm skeptical but on your recommendation I will give it a try.

    As for Car Talk, I love the informativeness of the show and the way people try to explain the crazy stuff that's going on with their cars so I will occasionally listen, but honestly Click and Clack get on my last nerve.

  5. The glamorous life indeed! I'm impressed.

  6. I am sooooo glad I don't have any neighbors!!!!

  7. Ah, the life of a Target endcapped super author. Glamerous, indeed.

    Hope the chocolate helps your brain melting. It does sound really good though. (Hmm.. I just realized this is a Target heavy post. Do you get a percentage of that?)

    Hope the body continues to do well.

  8. Okay, if you consider yourself a nerd for listening to Car Talk, I must be a total geek - I borrowed the "Best of" CD from a friend.