Thursday, May 21, 2009

We Called it Pissword and It was Good

BFF, en route to Chicago last Friday: "I think I might be pregnant."
Me: "Wow! How sure are you?"

BFF: "Well, not that sure. I haven't taken a test or anything yet."

Me: "Maybe you should. They have one now where you can find out before you miss a period."

BFF: "Yeah."

Me: "So do you really think so? I mean, are your boobs sore?"

BFF: "Yeah!"

Me: "Hmmm...So are you excited? How are you feeling?"

BFF: "More nervous. Unprepared."

Me: "Well, you can adjust to anything."

Five days later:

BFF: "Well, I'm not pregnant."

Me: "Aw! So....are you disappointed?"

BFF: "Yeah! I totally would have drunk more wine this weekend if I'd known!"


Shifting gears, I'd like to give a shout-out to my friend Lauren, who asked me to help spread the word about a very important "musical charity" fundraiser she's promoting to raise money for the PKD Foundation at Shooting Stars Mag. You can purchase just the songs you like or the entire album, featuring under-the-radar bands. So you can feel good about supporting a very worthy cause AND an under-the-radar band.

Have a great weekend, kids. Plant 'em if ya got 'em, don't take candy from strangers on parade floats, and do NOT throw away that musty old game of Password you find when you're cleaning the garage. Call it "Pissword" because that's what you first THOUGHT it said on the box, play it with family when you're super tired and it's really late at night, drink wine (only if you're not pregnant), and laugh so hard you rupture a semi-crucial internal organ.


  1. I have totally lamented my non-drinking after finding out I was not, in fact, pregnant.

  2. Your BFF has a great perspective!

  3. Anonymous9:53 AM

    Her response is classic! Love it!

  4. Lyric6:10 PM

    Delurking here.

    Pissword...hee. Speaking of reproduction, how's the ol' ovary doing, Jess?

  5. Your BFF cracks me up! Now, how about getting your ass out here THIS week for Jen's Book signing! It's THursday! You can crash at my place... PUUUUHLLEEEEASE!