Friday, August 14, 2009

A Quickie

To quote myself from several summers ago, it is officially hotter than Jabba the Hut's taint. We're off to Indiana tomorrow to meet more fabulous relatives...also, I am still going through photos for a long-delayed post-wedding-post. And I canned for the very first time, in a real-life boiling water bath canner with cute little lids that go "POP!" when they're groovy: 12 jars of elderberry jelly, from berries harvested from shrubs we planted three years ago.


Next week, more canning: ground cherry jam and maybe something tomato-ey. I tell you, I am Martha Stewarting-it UP around here! I am Mother Earth News-ing all around the kitchen. (Hey family...psst....guess what you're getting for Christmas?)

I'll have photos of that, plus monarch ranching in my bathtub, plus garden updates when I return. Also, if there are more penis splittings in the neighborhood, you can rest assured I will share the news.

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  1. Anonymous9:07 PM

    That jar sealing is such a satisfying sound. Elderberry, you say? Hmmm...