Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Now Presenting: Amy Sue Nathan!

Today on the blog I'm so thrilled to be hosting Amy Sue Nathan, debut author of a fabulous new novel, The Glass Wives (St. Martin's). Amy started the popular Women's Fiction Writers blog two years ago, and it's a wonderful place to find interviews with some of the best voices in the genre today. Amy is a kind, generous, and talented person, and she's giving away a signed copy of The Glass Wives to one lucky reader--just leave a comment below to enter! 

Synopsis for The Glass Wives:

Evie and Nicole Glass share a last name. They also shared a husband. When a tragic car accident ends the life of Richard Glass, it also upends the lives of Evie and Nicole, and their children. There’s no love lost between the widow and the ex. In fact, Evie sees a silver lining in all this heartache—the chance to rid herself of Nicole once and for all. But Evie wasn’t counting on her children’s bond with their baby half-brother, and she wasn’t counting on Nicole’s desperate need to hang on to the threads of family, no matter how frayed. Strapped for cash, Evie cautiously agrees to share living expenses—and her home—with Nicole and the baby. But when Evie suspects that Nicole is determined to rearrange more than her kitchen, Evie must decide who she can trust. More than that, she must ask: what makes a family?

1) What inspired you to write The Glass Wives?
My life! In the novel, the main character is a divorced mom whose ex-husband dies leaving her with two kids and a mortgage and a big mess. That happened to me in 2004. But, I turned the truth inside out and upside down to write fiction because I wouldn't write about my real life kids or our real hardships. It was fun to write with "what if" in mind. 

2) Who are some of your author idols?
Judy Blume, Margaret Atwood, Alice Hoffman. But really my idols are the authors around me who are talented and generous who I'm proud to call my friends. 

3) What teenage memory makes you cringe?
I wore a lot of blue and pink eye shadow. I had very long nails and very tight jeans. Oh c'mon. It was the early 80s and it was awesome. 

4) What advice do you have for aspiring authors?
Don't give up. You can't have a book published if you don't write it, rewrite it, rewrite it again, polish it, and put it out there for others to critique. 

5) You’ve been asked to bring a dish to a summer potluck. What’s your Go-To Recipe?
Now that's when I cringe! The best thing anyone ever brought to one of my backyard barbecues was a bag of ice cream novelties for dessert. I thought it was so clever! And it was so much fun to just pass around the bag and let everyone pick their own treat.  If I had to cook and it was summer, I like feta, watermelon, and mint (or basil) on skewers.
Thanks, Amy! (I too LOVE Judy Blume, Margaret Atwood, and Alice Hoffman...) Don't forget to leave a comment that includes your email address* below to win a SIGNED COPY!!! Tell us YOUR Go-To summer potluck recipe. You have until midnight EST, Friday June 7 to enter.
*Don't worry, I won't spam you, but I do need to get a hold of you if you win!

UPDATE: Contest closed. Congratulations Jess Bair! 


  1. Anonymous9:55 AM

    What a plot idea--that sounds full of good conflict.
    And any woman bringing ice cream treats to the potluck picnic is my kind of people.

  2. I've been really wanting to read this book! My go to potluck recipe is pasta salad. It's quick and easy and tasty!

  3. I have some really easy ice cream pie recipes. One involves crushed oreos and two containers of whipping cream (unwhipped), along with a graham cracker pre-made pie crust. The other is vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, confectioner's sugar, chocolate chips, pre-made graham crust. So so so good!

    mbamster0720 at gmail dot com

  4. Anne B.12:07 PM

    I would like to read this book. The watermelon, feta, mint/basil sounds delicious. I would bring a fruit salad to the potluck.


  5. I love making corn salsa and roll ups. It is easy light and yummy!!!

  6. I want to read this book so badly!

    1. I guess I should put my email too, sorry!

  7. I have been soooo looking forward to reading this book. My potluck specialty is a 7-layer dip. Seems like everyone enjoys it.

  8. I will add this to my Goodreads queue. My summer potluck "go to" is a fruit pizza (made with Pillsbury sugar cookie dough, cream cheese/honey "sauce" and lots of berries).

    Kim D (

  9. Thanks for the great interview Jess and Amy.
    I learned this easy vegetarian dish from a friend. It's so healthy, high in protein, and easy to make. Quoina, which you can make with bullion if you like, and edamame. Mix together and add any dressing you like. I have a Brianna's dressing that works perfectly. Let it cool and you've got a unique cold summer salad.

  10. I'd love a chance to win this book!

    My go to potluck recipe is my bean dip. It includes 5 layers; refried beans, Mexican cheese blend, mixed cream cheese and sour cream, medium salsa, and Mexican cheese blend on the top.
    You just bake it in the oven at 350°F for about a half an hour, or until the cheese on top is melted, bubbly, and brown. Just serve warm with tortilla chips.

  11. Sounds like an awesome book. I don't cook much, but I can make Ground Turkey Chili.


    Click on Blogger name for email address.

  12. OK, I want to eat all of this summer potluck food right now! (Don't enter me in this contest as I've already read this fabulous, fabulous book!!!) Steph

  13. Can't wait to read this book!

  14. I've been friends with ex-wives of two of my exes and IT IS NOT EASY. Alcohol helps.

  15. Anonymous9:15 PM

    My favorite potluck food is 7-Layer Salad with layers of lettuce, celery, onion, frozen peas, sliced water chestnuts, mayonnaise mixed with 2 Tbsp. sugar, and shredded cheddar cheese.

    I would love to read this book. It's exciting to discover new authors.