Wednesday, June 12, 2013

You're Terrible.

I am married to a very funny guy whose humor is delightfully subtle. He’s incredibly laid-back, nonchalant, sweet, and unassuming, and then BAM—he’s delivered the perfect, understated one-liner that has me gasping for breath. Much of his humor is incredibly inappropriate. For example, while watching The Voice, I’ve averaged three “You’re terrible!” comments per episode in response to his twisted jokes and observations. 

A strong case can be made that I’m just as terrible, but we balance one another here; two terrible people in the household at the same time is too much.

At any rate, this is how it goes:

J: (warped, sick comment about some poor contestant)

Me: “You’re terrible!”

J:  “In a hundred years, the future Ghost Hunters team will come through this house with their EMF detectors and MEL meters and FLIR thermal cameras and discover a residual haunting loop of your disembodied voice saying, ‘You’re terrible!’ over and over.”

Me: (long pause) … “You’re terrible.”


Other breaking news:

I have managed to recreate most of the 1,500 words lost in the new novel when my flash drive died last week, though something about the *new* version still bugs me.

My garden is waterlogged but mostly happy, and I'll do a photo diary soon.

I have been downsized at work, but there are many silver linings--we'll be tightening our belts, but I'll have more time to write ... hopefully the new material doesn't revolve around double coupon shopping trips or a taste-test of ALDI wines or cat food.

We are now 33 days from the release of Mandatory Release. I can tell because my insomnia and nervous pukey feelings have been increasing daily. If you'd like to help me celebrate launch day on Tuesday July 16, I'll be doing an event at Becket's Restaurant in Oshkosh for the Winnebago Literacy Council's. Reading, chat, and book sales from 5-7; tickets are $25 and include snicker-snacks. All proceeds go to support the literacy council.


  1. Oh, no! How horrible to lose so much of your book! I'm glad you were able to recreate it, and hope you can figure out what's making it not quite right.

    And to be downsized, too? What an awful week you had! I'm so sorry. It sounded like you were doing such a wonderful job, too. May your extra writing time lead to sales that more than make up for the lost income. And in the meantime, yes, happy couponing!

  2. Thanks, Caryn; it has been quite the few weeks! LOL I think we're on the upswing, though. I am still finding lots of things to be grateful for. :)

    (And yeah, the double-couponing! I can see the draw; I get so excited when I come home with $70 worth of groceries but only paid $40 for them.)