Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Turkey in the Blog

Well, another Thanksgiving has come and gone. Hope you fine folks enjoyed yours! As for me, I ended up bringing the exact same salad that my aunt brought to the shindig. With Craisins, walnuts, mixed greens, and blue cheese crumbles. Okay, we had different dressings, but still.

Ten, even five years ago I'd have gone out with my old chums the Wednesday before the holiday. "Crashing the Copper Kettle" is theThanksgiving Eve tradition 'round these here parts. But no, I'm getting old, as my brother is thrilled to point out, as evidenced by my breathless recounting of the multitude of mushroom varieties J and I spotted on a recent hike and/or my keen anticipation of a PBS special a few weeks ago. And then last night I drank half a bottle of wine, robotically shovelled half a bag of Red Hot Blues into my mouth, and watched Turner Classics AND the pre-Leo 1996 Titanic (who knew there was one?) before retiring with a semi-bad book. This is very sad behavior. Even I can see that. When J returned around 12:45 am from an Xbox marathon at a friend's house, his body still feverish from simulated violence and eye-numbing graphics, I mumbled through wine-blue lips: "We can't buy chips and cookies anymore." Then I promptly passed out.

I used to be fun. Really! You'll have to trust me on this. I wasn't always Debbie Downer, watching the anti-Wal-Mart DVD the night before the busiest shopping day of the year or ranting about Peak Oil and melting permafrost in Siberia. But maybe I'm just my mother's daughter. Upon hearing of a relative's recent trip to China to adopt a little girl, she said, "Oh, I hope they don't get the Asian flu!"

The Final Word: Hey everyone, go to this website and vote for my friend Valen in the Davita cruise contest! You can vote once daily 'til December 2. Valen is an amazing person with an inspiring story, and because she was kind enough to read an early draft of my novel, I owe her one. So go vote!

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