Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Bloggy Love and Breakfast Cake

It has come to my attention that I am old because I use the word “slacks.” Also, because I talk really fast like a gangster from the 30’s and append every statement I make with a nasal, “Look here, see?”

No, I don’t really do that. But I think I might from now on.

What I HAVE been doing--for real now--is hanging around these awesome blogs:

View From the Cloud

Suburban Turmoil

Conversations with Famous Writers


Luanne--A Bookworm's World

Three of them will be giving away copies of Driving Sideways, so if you still haven’t discovered the beauty and amazement that is the Rip VanGina, pop over and enter to win.

I have also been trying to get my husband to eat the first broccoli raab I ever grew FROM SEED and harvested from my very own yard. My first suggestion, a pasta dish with capers, artichoke hearts, and sautéed broccoli raab, was met with this rebuttal: “How about YOU eat that, and I’ll eat some pizza?”

After processing several days worth of onion rings, frozen custard, burgers, frozen burritos, pancakes, scrambled eggs, a greasy reuben, French fries, and bratwurst, his cardiovascular system had to be near the breaking point. You could see it in his eyes. Like the eyes of a junkie, they were glassy and desperate for their next shot of trans fats...but also? They seemed to be quietly, urgently searching for something...perhaps...could it be...for some antioxidants? For an infusion of foodstuffs that had less to do with stuffs and more to do with the actual absorption of fiber, nutrients, and a form of user-friendly, head-of-the-class protein that wouldn't litter, loiter, or leave graffiti as it made the long journey through the human digestive system?

Also, there was a frightening moment when J nearly convinced me that this breakfast cake would be fun to make. It sure SOUNDED fun to make.* I know I laughed. Twice, even. But it was time to get some vegetables into his system by any means necessary. So in the end, I threw the sautéed raab on some pizza.

(Sidenote regarding pronunciation: is it broccoli RABE? Or broccoli ROBBY?)

*Full disclosure: I could not FIND the site with the breakfast cake when I wanted to revisit it so I could share it with you. So I Googled “sproing vomit breakfast cake mow lawn.” That didn’t work, so I had J find it for me. Thanks, J! Tell your body it’s very welcome for the vitamins and fiber.


  1. You know what I have to say to you?

    ring dang a doo, broad! oh vodeoodoooh!

  2. Do you carry a purse or a handbag? Sit on a couch, a sofa, or a divan?If you say slacks, handbag AND divan you truly are old. Otherwise, maybe it's just a regional thing!

  3. No, couches are davenports to the elderly. ;)

    I sent you a text message tonight, did you get it?

  4. Ooh, I use "slacks", too. Will delete that from my vocab ASAP. Thanks for the tip, oldtimer!

  5. Yes everyone... come over to my place and win Jess's awesome book! I'm giving it away next Tuesday.

  6. Just posted my review Jess - I cannot tell you how much I loved it! Well okay I can - I really loved it!

    (And have convinced the library I work at that they need to add this to the collection!)

  7. That breakfast cake nearly gave me chest pain just looking at it. Thanks for sharing though!

    And I believe it's broccoli "rob" at least that's how the Food Network people say it. I didn't know you could spell it raab. I always spelled it rabe - but I guess it's both... Either way it's yummy!

    I went to Target yesterday looking for your book and the bastards didn't have it...

  8. Ack! Mom in Scrubs! Sorry you missed it--won't be in Target 'til June 19. So, still two weeks. :)

  9. I said slacks the other day and actually recoiled in horror. Because when did I turn into a 76-year old woman?

  10. Phew -- I'd always pronounced it rob, and apparently someone else does, too :)

    That cake looks so disgusting. I know it could not ever pass my lips. But the pasta dish you prepared sounds absolutely love. And you're already harvesting raabe from seed? I'm in NW Chicago burbs and have yet to ummm plant my garden!

  11. SLACKS.

    And I barely got kudos when I pimped you. WTF kinda friend are you, you slack-wearin' vegan beeyotch????!?!?!?!?!?!?

    I'm off to go hang out with someone who appreciates me--someone who hangs Confederate flags and deerheads in his bedroom.
    Yah, uh-huh! You Betcha.

  12. Ha! I just wrote slacks in a scene today and stopped to think... does anyone say slacks anymore? Hey, my character's a few hundred years old. Maybe he still says it.

    And in Canada, we said Chesterfield instead of couch or sofa back in the day.

  13. Would you believe that Will says in that voice, "Look here, see? Yeah, yeah...See?" on a regular basis?

    I have a feeling that you would.

    Sometimes, he'll bounce his balls on my forehead and yell out, "OH YEAH!! OH YEAH!!"

    Believe it or not, I prefer the "Look here, see? Yeah, yeah...See?" minus the tea-bagging.

  14. I don't know the correct pronunciation, but broccoli rabe is absolutely one of my FAVORITE things to eat. Sauteed in olive oil with garlic and a dash of red pepper flakes makes my day. yummmmmmmy!!!!