Friday, December 09, 2005

Thundercats .... HO!!!!!!!!!

When I was nine I invented a Thundercat. She was a leopard, since there were already Cheetah, Lion, Tiger, and Panther-based characters. And she was probably much more … er, curvaceous than a nine-year old had any business imagining, but given what was transpiring in the Barbie Dream House every night, that’s hardly surprising to me now. But the way I saw it, Lion-O got Cheetara. Who were Panthro and Tigra going to pairbond with? I can’t remember this leopard-character’s name, but I suspect it was perhaps …Leoparda. And she had some sort of personalized weapon. Something tells me it was a cat o’ nine tails, because I’d have thought myself very clever for coming up with that back then.

Of course NOW I see that Panthro and Tigra were really a couple, but that went right over my head back then.

Then there were those kee-YUTE boys in Voltron. The fact that they were, oh, ANIMATED didn’t seem to stop my second-grade friends and I from planning our weddings to these wide-eyed action heroes. We weren’t going to let a little thing like reality stand between us and romantic dinners with Keith, who drove his mechanical lion right into our prepubescent hearts. Which was all very normal to us. But when two boys in our third grade class announced that they were going to marry cows someday, we all said, “Ewwwww!” Little did it occur to us that our desire to couple with a manga flipbook was a wee bit off.

PS--Congratulations to Valen for winning the cruise!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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