Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Epstein? Really?

Thanks to everyone for their kind words about losing our dog Suka; you all have such big hearts, and I’m glad to be traveling in your corner of the blog universe.

So many bloggable things happened since my last post: I spent two nights last week at a resort for a grant review session (ice cream drinks! Snow! Networking! Limited vegetarian options at a local supper club!); my partner in crime became ill with a severe cold, so much so that it that almost impeded his video gaming abilities; Daisy had her teeth professionally cleaned at the vet for the first time and now has breath like a field of sweet clover; my editor informed me that my novel may be released in May of 2008--the news of which led my dear mother-in-law to ruefully remark to her sister, “Well, I guess we'll just have to hang on and make it until then.” Meaning, live another year and a half. So thank goodness for large-print and audio books. And ventilation machines and other life support paraphernalia.

I’m joking.

But I will have to remove some of the older pop culture references from the book. I don’t think anyone wants to poke fun at Steve Irwin anymore, however good-natured the punchline may be. *wince*

Oh! And I barely escaped with my life after a visit to my place of employment by two young men from the Unification Church. (Not to be confused with the Unitarians.) They were peddling overpriced suncatchers.

While I don’t agree with their religious views or the value of their wares of dubious origin, one of them did have a snappy sense of humor.

But here’s what I really wanted to tell you.

Recently my husband told me that as a child, I looked like “that guy on Welcome Back Kotter.”

Those were his exact words. Recalling my childhood fro, I grimaced. “Arnold Horshack?”

J shook his head.

“Gabe Kaplan?”

“No, the Hispanic guy with the gap in his front teeth. Epstein!”

You be the judge.

Halloween, probably 1978. Would you trust this bunny? Unfortunately, my Epstein fro is being suppressed by this novelty headress. Also, what's up with the tail on my neck?

The officially licensed Welcome Back Kotter candy (and TWO prizes!), featuring Juan Epstein. Perhaps I had even received this in the course of my trick-or-treating that year.

In blue footy pajamas, Christmas 1977. Or 1978. Who remembers the seventies, anyway? Here we see a better view of the yard refuse masquerading as my hair. Unfortunately, the best pictures of my fro days are at my parents' house. One of these days I'll have to find and post one. Lucky you.


  1. I can't believe that I'm first! Where are the rest of your blogfriends? Amazing!

    Juan Epstein. F-ing hilarious! I haven't heard his name in years. But, sorry, I think it's closer to Horshak. But, that's just me. I, myself, am closer to Gabe Kaplan.

    Thanks for stopping by. Stay well. Publish that damn book already! (Sorry - I know it's not within your control at this point.)

  2. LOL, this is funny because we just watched the Welcome Back Kotter marathon. I forgot how funny it is. Yes, I'm old.

    But, you so do not. You are a doll. And I would KILL for those girls. I am steeling myself for the bill I am going to pay next week to achieve that look.

    Lucky Duck.

  3. I'm thinking not so much Epstein, maybe more Shirley Temple sans professional hair stylist. ;)

  4. That is funny! Okay, you did look a bit like Juan Epstein, but a cute Epstein. But the real question is this:

    Did you always have a note signed "Jess's Mother"? :)

  5. Juan Epstein?! He was never that adorable!

  6. hehe you were a cutie pie! I adore the fro!

    May 2008 seems so long away!!! Keep us posted because I totally want to read it!

  7. Mondo condolences on the delay of your novel. I'm having a big gathering of my artist friends this weekend, barely hidden agenda being to show off my book, and it's in between printings. I have two copies of the first edition to my name. Rot, rot, rot. Hang in there. Maybe another novel will spring full-blown from your head in the interim.
    BTW I think you look like one of those vinyl-faced stuffed animals that were the staple of the 1950's--especially with the averted eyes and shiny face against fur. Those were the only kind you could get when I was little. Yes, I am as old as dirt.

  8. Your nose is much more slender than Juan Epstein's. As for the 'fro - it could've been Mr. Kotter, Horshack, or Epstein. Maybe even Freddy "Boom Boom".

  9. Man that bunny looks like trouble...

  10. No, that's Horshack for sure. No doubt about it. I also recently watched the marathon, it was G-rreeat, as Tony the Tiger would say.

    Hey, could you post the pop culture references that you have to remove from your book here so we can at least enjoy the laughs?

  11. Definitely NOT an Epstein lookalike.
    Thanks for the recent comment on my blog. I have been checking in here every day, waiting to see a new post.

  12. OK, MAY be released in May 2008? What does that mean? And is it moving houses or staying? I need to email you!!!

    Manic and I are looking for our next big adventure and you better be in this time! :)

  13. Oh my gosh! What a cute kid! And totally Epstein. LOL

    You guys are going to have the cutest kid/s EVER!!!

  14. You were adorable! You don't look a bit like Epstein in these pictures, maybe it was later, in that inevitable awkward stage that we all go through?

    I love the bunny costume!

  15. Anonymous11:20 AM

    may of 2008? sheesh, what's the holdup?? does it always take that long for a book to be released?

    anywho, you do NOT look like Epstein. lol tell your husband to pass the pipe. :D

  16. Congratulations on your book! It does seem like a long time to wait but having something to look forward to is part of the fun!

    No resemblance to Epstein, not even a bit!

  17. do NOT look like Juan Epstein! Good luck on the book and congrats to you! Although I do remember the 70's as well as the 60's you were an adorable child and a beautiful adult. Husbands...what do they know :oD

  18. I think this is a great challenge. I may have to find my childhood pictures and compare. We could have been siblings based on these pictures. I had very curly blonde hair and got called Goldilocks all the time. Too bad my mom never gave me a manly haircut.

    Didn't you just love those one piece pajamas with the built in slippers?

  19. Get out! You're MUCH cuter than Epstein.

    And I'm sorry about the delay on your book. That's gotta be a little frustrating.

  20. Epstein? Wha?

    Kewpie doll, more like.

  21. “Well, I guess we'll just have to hang on and make it until then.” Awww. Bless their hearts! You may just have to read it to them.

    Love love love the photos. You were an adorable kid... who looked NOTHING like Epstein. Although the bunny suit makes me think of "A Christmas Story."

  22. You are so stinkin' cute, I want to squeeze the poop right out of you!

  23. Hey, you are a very cute bunny and a very cute Epstein!

    Bummer about the book. What a disappointment AND to have to work on it some more. Have you started a new one yet?

  24. I too used to look like a Kotter character - John Travolta! I wore my hair like him and dressed like him. I just didn't get famous like him.

  25. Oh, you were adorable, and not at all in a Kotter-esque way.
    I was so sorry to hear about Suka. She was lucky to have such a devoted family.

  26. I dunno. You're both cute and all but I just don't see a real resemblance.

  27. Ok, I know I started to read this entry the other day. Musta gotten interrupted by Le Tween. First, make sure that your editor knows you've got thousands of rabid (but intelligent and attractive) computer geek types waiting with breathless anticipation for this book. Darn it. And also? Not seeing the Epstein resemblance. Especially not in the shifty rabbit picture. And lastly, YAY for footy jammies!!

  28. HHHAAA!!! You remind me of my childhood friends; Carol, Eddie, Bobby, Lucy, Danny and Jean (same Italian family) - all six of them looked EXACTLY like Epstein. You don't look exactly like him...a little bit, but not exactly. HA! :)

    I miss that crazy family.

    Oh well, GREAT pics! I'll look forward to the rest of them!

    And I'm sorry about the release date on your book.

    And I'm really, really sorry to hear about your pup... I'm sending you some good thoughts.

  29. that bunny pic is SO damn cute! are you like the Epstein bunny or something? :)