Monday, May 26, 2008

Six Word Memoirs

You may have heard of them. They're all the rage right now. Your life summarized in six words. Including these from local college freshmen. Some are poignant, some are hilarious. All completely anonymous, so don't worry. After you read, it's your turn. Comment with your six word memoir. Why not join in the fun?*

Let's get on with the show:

"You're old. He's young. Go away."

"He lied. I caught him. Asshole."

"Apparently he makes out with everyone."

"I'm still here. You're still gone."

"Let's throw rocks at stupid boys."

"I think I lost myself somewhere."

"Wrong place. Wrong time. Right person."

"Place your mouth here and blow."

"Can I get a do over?"

"My mom decided to keep me."

"Fuck it. Just ONE more drink."

"Born into a life worth living."

"Car dance and get weird looks."

"Stop flirting. You have a girlfriend."

"Life is great, but not easy."

"I'm not into living without you."

"I'm old enough to know better."

"Rub some dirt on it, kid."

"Never planned ahead. Now I'm behind."

"Scars are souvenirs you'll never lose."

"Mom, Dad. I'm gay. I'm sorry."

"Self-centered? Not me. I'm perfect."

"No condom, now baby, no life."

"She eats only to throw up."

"That fucking bastard hit her again."

"She said no and meant it."

"She's late this month, what's next?"

"Destruction was how it all began."

"How many people will see this?"

"The razor blade wasn't sharp enough."

"It was only a rough draft."

"Life is a canvas. Paint it."


I had to catch my breath after reading a few of those. Heartbreaking, messy, gorgeous stuff. And honest. And now I'd love to hear yours.


In other booksy-type news, thanks to Caryn, the gang at Drunk Writer Talk, Shelly, Tia, Pam, Joanne Rendell, Suzy Soro, Anonymous Coworker, DeeMarie, December, Larramie, Sue, TX Poppet, Halushki, Karen, Allison Winn Scotch, Eileen Cook, Gorillabuns, Rhianna, and Jelly Jules ... you all rock, frequently and memorably.

This week, pop over by Kristabella and Manic Mom to win signed copies of Driving Sideways; I'll also be visiting Robin Bielman and Cindy at Conversations with Famous Writers.

More blog tour stops on the way shortly!

*Did you see how every sentence had just six words? Was that annoying or what?


  1. heh. these are good.

    i did this a month or two ago -- mine was:

    "Empathy's better as carry-on baggage."

  2. Those are great. There's actually an entire book to which famous people have contributed their six-word memoirs. When I had to do mine, it was, "Memes and forwards end with me" because I never do tags. Except, apparently, that one.

  3. Too funny - I wrote about this book on my community blog. I have it (the book, not my blog - ew) in our guest bathroom. It's rather entertaining. So, here six word memoir is:

    Saw some things. Tried acting otherwise.

    That's it. I wrote it about a month ago and still think it perfectly sums up my life.

    But Jess, I have to ask: What's yours?

    I'm about 2/3 through the book and still loving it. I carried it around the pool and many people asked about it. So you're getting lots of "pool pub" here in the 'burbs of Milwaukee.

  4. Congrats on the book! It sounds like a real winner... I came by via J at Thinking About, and it sounds like a read I would really enjoy.

    Hmmm, the six word thing... I have not yet had my coffee nor fed the kids, so this is just off the top of my head ...

    "I think I've almost got it"

    Enjoying your blog too.
    Have a good one!

  5. Surcie8:01 AM

    All the rage? I'm officially SO not with it. But I like 'em.

    Coming up with my six words will entail some deep thought. Don't know if I'm up for that.

    I like the new light 'n' airy look!

  6. My six-word memoir:

    There's A Method to her Manic.

    (Have you seen the book published that sparked the six-word memoir rage?)



    and in case you aren't sure of it ...


  7. I've never tried this before... let's see...

    "Could use more time for puttering."

    I'm not sure "puttering" is the right word... what implies "wandering around my house, doing exactly whatever I want"?

  8. Some of these were so painfully honest, it was hard to read.

    Anyway, here's mine:

    Daughter, sister, wife, mother; me last.

  9. "These days, lying is more fun."

  10. "My laziness is about to end."

    I'm pregnant, and while excited, completely terrified of what lays ahead!!

  11. "Love, good books, writing, hot flashes!"

    Hmmm, Jess this is me at this moment in time! Fun to do, and so fun to read the others.

  12. Here's mine:

    "Which one of you made poo?"

    Found your book at Borders today! Woo hoo! And it was a GOOD Borders. Double woo hoo!

  13. Nice template!

    My review and contest is coming, I promise. I'm almost done reading your most excellent book, and I didn't want to review it until I was done. I'm smart that way.

  14. Anonymous8:05 PM

    Love your book even more the second time through! Although I do miss the character that was a corrupt teacher! Or was I imagining that? As I read I see YOU! When Leigh sneezed three times I automatically pictured you rubbing your nose with the Meanrd's tune playing in the background!

    6 words...Hmmm
    "I have three suitcases of money!"

    Love Fee

  15. I did this a few weeks ago too. My dorky six words were, Lucky in love, loves to write. You've listed some great memoirs - it was enjoyable reading them. Wouldn't it be fun if you had all the people lined up and you had to try and match the memoir to the person?

  16. Jess -
    I've been lurking here a while, came over from Monnik's blog. I love your writing and your book is on my "list" (of books to read sooner rather than later).

    It's hard to sum it all up in 6 words, but mine would probably be:

    "Be nice; mean people suck ass"

    Good luck with the book and congrats!!

  17. Yeah Jess, what's yours? Here's mine, so far:

    "I've always rowed, where's the wind?"

  18. Oh, I wish I could distill my 10,000 word thoughts into 6. If I could, I'd be a songwriter. So for now, I'll do a mini-memoir:

    "Can't wait to read your book."

    (But even that requires further explanation about how I've had the book for a week now, but forces are conspiring against me having ten minutes to dive into it... That will change soon, I hope!)


  19. oooh, it's pretty in here!

    I'm not sure about a six word memoir. But I'll give it a shot:

    Life is forever kicking my ass.

  20. yea, i have a few:

    "Always waiting for the Big One."


    "Lived, laughed, loved - and very unorganized."

    "No more, "In a minute," left."


    "Often happy, but was never satisfied."

  21. here's my life motto - which happily turns out to have 6 words!

    Never say no to an adventure.

    Hemingway bet his friend a drink at the bar he could write a life story in six words. -
    For sale, Baby shoes, never worn.

    I can't remember, did I see that here?

  22. these are terrific, Jess!!

  23. My house is a fucking pigsty.

    Damn, shame I ate those donuts.

    Deadlines: the "dead" refers to me.

    I write, therefore I am broke.

    Sleep is for retirees not moms.

    Oh, this is fun! I could do this all night!

    Waving hi to Jess!!!! we just linked you on our soon-to-be blog:

    come visit when we launch in a week!

  24. "Apparently, weird is incurable. Huh."

    "You will be lucky... in bed."

    "You only remember how it IS."

  25. Oops. The first is only five words. Man, I SUCK at this! LOL.


    "Apparently, weird is incurable. Go figure."

  26. When all else fails, eat chocolate.

    It's the food of the Gods, I'm really quite sure of it. :)

  27. Mine, for better or for worse, comes down approximately to:

    Roughly the way I planned it.

  28. Mine is, "Loving wife, mother. Aspiring business woman." Not very poignant but maybe that is me.

    My favorite is based on my teenagers lives:

    "Fourteen years old, story still untold."

    For more information about the book and this phenomenon, please read Your Life Sentence ~~ Six-Word Memoirs or Quotations. You can submit your six-word quote there, too!