Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bora Bora vs. The Kitchen

The other day my parents called me from their cell as they drove home from a visit with my Grandma (who is turning ninety in March—yowza!) My favorite part of the story about their visit was the fact that Grandma was sitting in front of one of those ‘sunlight boxes’ when they arrived, so they all gathered ‘round the sunshine box during their visit. The modern equivalent of ye olde hearth, I guess. My Dad ended the conversation with one of the more amusing excuses I’ve ever heard (“Well, we’re at the mall now—have to run in and get some calendars”), to which my mom added, “Yeah! We don’t know what day it is ever!”

Someone needs to give them their own sitcom. They even have a new household pet for even MORE hijinks: an abandoned kitten my mom rescued and bottle-fed. They call him Mr. TeeTee, and he is deceptively adorable, because he’s the biggest asshole ever. We all have the scratches to prove it. Daisy has yet to meet Mr. TeeTee, but I suspect the meeting won’t go well, because my 15 pound dog is terrified of… kittens. And her own shadow. And sneezes, and certain public radio show theme music, and water.

She does, however, have a very special fondness for her doggie bed, if you catch my drift.

Question for you all: Mr. Riley and I are contemplating our very first "real" vacation together EVER. Nearly nine years together, and we've never had a honeymoon or vacation 'just because.' So, it's time, don't you think? The destination at the top of my list is Bora Bora. Sure, it'll eat our bank account in one lovely, week-long, romantic chomp, but they say if we bring an underwater camera, at least we'll have PROOF that we enjoyed ourselves. (Scuba diving! Get your mind out of the gutter.)

Anyway, right now we (and by "we" I mean "mostly I") have been looking at Bora Bora, Costa Rica, and Hawaii. Kenya and Bhutan also top the list, but they'll be there for the ten-year anniversary, barring some unfortunate national turn of events in either country.

Bora Bora vs. a decent kitchen remodel. What do you think? Meh, dishwashers and fridges that don't make horrid, shuddery noises every twenty minutes are SO overrated!

Oh, also: is anyone watching the third train wreck Bre t Michaels has brought MOBILE? This is our latest guilty pleasure. You can't help but feel better about your own life after watching.


  1. Anonymous9:50 AM

    Wow, Jess. My mom is going to be 90in March. Oh, wait, my mom is YOUR grandma. I guess that makes me Awesome Aunt Dottie!!

  2. Can't help with the vacation, we've never been ANYWHERE. And last year we cancelled our trip to Jamaica and bought new appliances with the money. So I'll live vicariously through you...

  3. Go on vacation. You will NOT regret it.
    I think kittens are overrated, personally. Give me a decent, trained adult cat any day! Pfft--big eyes & ears, WHATEVER.

  4. Dooo eeeeet. dooooo eeeet! DO EEEET!!

    I'll be the little old lady living homeless under the bridge with a grocery cart full of photo albums. PRIORITIZE!!!

    We're planning on something warm in March. Can we afford it?
    I think the better question is, just how insane will I go if we DON"T?
    (see, you put it that way, it sounds reasonable!!)

  5. Anonymous2:37 PM

    I say new kitchen. Our economy needs the boost. You will be happy every day as you look around your new kitchen. The thrill of a vacation lasts the days you are on vacation and then it's very depressing to come back. You are better off NOT knowing what you are missing.

    For a quick fix for sun...hit the tanning salon.

  6. BORA BORA!!!! Go! Because you only live once. And kitchen remodels can be done when you're old and can't wear a bikini anymore.

  7. What about a so-so kitchen remodel and little more domestic vacation (Somewhere where the temps are about, I don't Like Catalina Island in San Diego?

    Dishwasher and Navy Seal training--it's a win win!

  8. I just bought myself a light box - and it does help! I guess I've learned to embrace the 90-year-old woman within.

  9. Anonymous1:39 PM

    Hi Jess,

    I like the rocking chair method of decision making. Imagine you are 90 and are on your front porch in your rocker looking back on your life. What would you wish you had done with your life? What would your regrets be? Good luck.

  10. The vacation will be worth it!

    I can't speak for Bora Bora, but my husband and I have been to Hawaii twice and LOVED it. Each island is unique, and there is so much to do.

    And because I loved it so much (or because I'm a big baby), I actually cried when we had to leave.

    I don't think you can go wrong with any of your choices. They all sound great!

  11. Anonymous9:40 AM

    I agree! Vacation will be worth it! I too cried when it was time to Hawaii. I have a brand new kitchen, and would easily give it up for a few more vacations!

  12. Naomi Dvorachek9:43 AM

    You know my vote!! BORA BORA!!! Life is too short not to travel whenever possible.... with mortgage rates to low, get an equity loan for your kitchen remodel... Heck, have them throw the vacation costs in too if possible :-) :-)

  13. If you're at home often enough to notice the shuddering of a frdge, it's time to LEAVE town and see the world. If I had the $$$ I'd be on a plane to Kenya.

    You know I've traveled the world in my life and never once have I looked back and said, well THAT was a waste of time.

  14. I've had three friends tell me that Hawaii is the best vacation spot, ever.

    BUT, if you want to check out Bora Bora and get back to me, I'm certainly open to suggestions :)

  15. pennylane9:32 PM

    OK, how many people can say they have been to Bora Bora? If you go, you can then be that woman that says, "This one time at Bora Bora...." I totally agree with the idea that a new kitchen can always be done. I've learned from my sister's health issues that you need to live your life while you can. You never know what life will toss your way. Besides, is it more fun to discuss your adventure in Bora Bora or your new stainless steel appliances that are so shiny? Bora Bora while you can still run naked in the sand chasing Jay.

  16. Georgiaonmymind11:41 AM

    Check out Belize. That's where ElBruce & I went on our honeymoon.
    It was cheap - which is good. I would pick it over Hawaii any day of the week (I spent 2 weeks in Hawii and I think it's really just a warmer Chicago with a beach.)
    Call me and we shall talk about it.


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