Tuesday, January 06, 2009

How to Never Get Yourselves Invited to Another Party With the B’s Again

(or, Reason #475 Why I Love The Guy)

Hey! How was your New Year's? Back to work and all that jazz? We spent New Year’s Eve with good friends, one of whom I recently reconnected with after ten years. Her husband is the son of a fairly strict minister, so he was the most outspoken agnostic among the group. The subject of children came up…well, children in the context of God. You know, the usual light conversational material for a party.

My friend’s husband made a skeptical comment about the existence of a higher power, and one of the guests, a surgeon we just met that evening, replied: “Well, that’s your opinion, Mr. Cynical Atheist. I know there’s a God, because I see him in the faces of my two children every day. They are just so innocent and beautiful ... where else could they have come from?”

J piped up. “I’m pretty sure they came from your nutbag!”

Regular posting to resume shortly, with some catch-up GCC updates.


  1. ahhh, leave it to MY brother....

    (and by the way, my word verification is: crypy... lol, wierd)

  2. Dialog/scene fit for a new WIP? :)

  3. Too.

  4. Bwah ha ha ha! What a great guy!

  5. I love your husband.

    In a "he cracked me up and I really appreciate that" kind of way, not a "wow, Jess needs to kick my ass" kind of way, of course. :)

  6. Yup, you got a keeper there! Maybe J should do a post soon...

    Happy 2009!!!

  7. Oh that is a perfect come back line PERFECT

  8. Oh, my GOD. That's hilarious! Seriously, the guy has to have better reasoning, than his children's faces, right? Right?

  9. Christi12:55 PM

    Sitting in my office at work. It's lunch time, the place is quiet. I read this post and shot diet dr. pepper out of my nose! Thanks for the great laugh! Now I am off to clean up my monitor....

  10. That is soo funny. Happy New Year!