Monday, January 19, 2009


First, congratulations to Tootie, the winner of the Brenda Janowitz book giveaway. Tootie, email me your address and we'll get that novel in the mail to you stat!

Second, thanks to all who weighed in on my vacation conundrum. Right now, it looks like a compromise of sorts may be in order: Hawaii, plus a modest kitchen upgrade from 'absolute hovel' to 'functional enough.' I picked Hawaii because they have several things I want from a vacation (whales, baby turtles, and clean sheets) and things J wants (beaches and drinks with umbrellas...oh, and getting leied).

I must say that Costa Rica is still possibly in the running, based on some feedback from a recent visitor.

On a completely unrelated note, I was shocked and saddened to hear today that my favorite independent bookstore in Wisconsin is closing. After 82 years in business, Harry W. Schwartz will be no more later this spring. They hosted one of my readings this summer, going to great lengths to promote the event and make me feel welcome. It's a depressing day for readers and writers alike, although I can take some heart in the fact that two of the store's locations will re-open, under new ownership. If you value the services provided by your local independent bookstores, please give them your business. (We'll miss you, Harry!!!!)

And I have just the book for you to buy the next time you visit your Indiebound store! My friend Eileen Cook's second novel, What Would Emma Do? I was fortunate enough to read a copy of this fabulous story while it was still in draft form, and I LOVED LOVED LOVED it. This will make a lovely Valentine's Day gift for the teen reader in your life. Or yourself.

Here's another thing to do: donate blood and enter Manic Mommy's Virtual Blog for Blood contest! You could win a trip to Florida AND save a life...what more can you ask for??
Finally, the day job is getting nutso-ipso-facto, which means I can't be held responsible for the coherence of posts between now and mid-March. Like, I could end this with the random observation that sometimes, playing pickle-in-the-middle with a travel-size bottle of lotion is the height of hilarity to a seventeen month-old.
More incoherence on Wednesday...


  1. I'm excited I won! :) I just e-mailed you my address. Thanks!

  2. That's so sad about Schwartz. They're such an icon. Having them close is like watching Dick Clark get old, it just doesn't compute.

    I'm doing book event there next month--feels like I'm the final note of some sad song...

  3. I'm glad you get a little of both.
    I am shocked about Harry W. Schwartz. But encouraged that it was purchased and will continue--that's a huge tradition to lose.
    Hm, another plug for that Emma book--I have to look for it now.