Friday, December 09, 2005

Monday, Monday

Okay, that's the last time I open with a bad song title that puts an earworm in my head all week. Thanks alot, Mama and Papas...

So another weekend has come and gone, but one cool thing definitely happened...I took off my technodunce cap (but it's still within reach, because I'm sure I'll need it again soon) and learned how to make my little words real, live links! So check out this addictive website, which ate up hours of my life on Saturday. And look here to see what helped me gain in one day what the average American gains over the whole Thanksgiving to New Year's holiday season (7 pounds, in case you're wondering).

I also wrote a fake Christmas newsletter, but it's not yet ready for prime time because parts of it confused my husband ("Wait. So how did the cat farting burn Grandma's wrist? I'm confused.") Thank goodness for spousal edit support! Or I'd make a complete ass of myself on a daily basis.

So it seems my significant other is slacking pretty bad. Because I already make a complete ... Um. Get it? Okay, nevermind. *SIGH* But when the fake newsletter is deemed worthy of the blog, it'll be on here.

Anyway, I'm itching to start writing my next project because I always get grandiose authorly ambitions when I listen to Coldplay on the way to work. I've got the characters outlined, and something of a barebones plot. But I'm going to have to bribe my muse with wine and cookies so to come up from the basement so we can get this party started. (Well, at least I think my muse is a she. Stephen King's muse is a big, burly guy living in his basement. Figuratively speaking. And so he says. I'm not making this stuff up.)

In other news, I started reading a book that so far, is pretty darn good. Special thanks to my sister for giving it to me for my birthday! But seriously...Sandra Cisneros is TALENTED. She's so far beyond my puny little league. She won a grant from the NEA for cryin' out loud. She's the Nigella Lawson of writers. I'm the night janitor at your local Chuck E. Cheese of writers.

So happy Monday everyone. And if you missed Sarah Silverman's rendition of "Amazing Grace" on Comedy Central last night, you missed one of the greatest moments on teevee. Ever.

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