Friday, May 21, 2010

Books & Bugs

Things have been quiet on the blog because guess what? I'm FINALLY working on a new novel! My day job is currently like a triathlete pausing briefly to change from swim to biking gear, and while the wet suit is stuck to its thighs, I'm taking full advantage of the break to write my guts out.

I am also battling a massive aphid infestation on my rugosa roses. More specifically, on their beautiful buds, which I'm not about to lose to a bunch of little creeps without exoskeletons. Yesterday I ordered 1,500 ladybugs and several hundred lacewing larvae, because as much as I want to at this point, you can't spray heavy-duty chemicals on rugosas, or they'll completely defoliate. Even Miracle-Gro fertilizer will cause them to drop their leaves faster than a CEO can shift blame during congressional hearings. The best thing to do with rugosas is leave them alone, because they are tough little bastards.

So how did they get aphids? Because I hung a nursery-purchased planter above them last year that by the end of the season could have been featured in a B-movie called SWARM! (or in this case, CRAWL!)

I was reluctant to tell J about ordering bugs through the mail, even the "good guys," because the rose bushes in question are right below our front entry, and the idea of 1,500 ladybugs swarming around our front door didn't really appeal to him.

I know!

Anyway, the box just came from FedEx. I suppose I should open this OUTSIDE, lest I have something new and horrible to blog about later.


  1. Oh, ENJOY! I love swarming ladybugs, actually. As long as they're outside, that is. :)

  2. AND congratulations on your new book. That's great news.

  3. Just make sure the lady beetles in question are not exotics; sometimes those companies will ship you the multicolored Asian lady beetles, which are outcompeting our natives here in the Midwest. Happy gardening (and writing)!

  4. CANNOT WAIT to read your new book!

  5. I'm thrilled to hear you're working on a new book, and I already cannot wait to read it!

  6. Sorry about the bugs on the roses. Knock on wood, things are blooming nicely this year, but I have yet to put in the brussel sprouts (a fav of the bunnies).

    Yay on the book!