Monday, May 23, 2011

We Need More Schoolhouse Rock

Having recently emerged from my busy grantwriting season relatively unscathed, I now have some time to update the blog. (Although there is still some work to do--today I spent some time on hold with the Department of Education. Do you know what I got to listen to while I was on hold? "Conjunction Junction." Yeah, they were playing old Schoolhouse Rock, those hipsters.)

We also hosted the Mystery Showing this Saturday with the lovely young woman who inquired about our house a few weeks ago. Do you know how weird it is to watch strangers measure your living room to see if their furniture will fit? Now we proceed to the even more awkward portion of the dance: "What's your asking price?" "Well, not to be coy about it, but what do you think it's worth?"

When I wasn't showing strangers around my house this weekend and feeling compelled to apologize for my home's flaws, I was spending time with my adorable nieces; I am convinced these little munchkins are partly to blame for my new cavity, what with their immeasurable sweetness.

Also, it's not nearly as cute, but the kitchen garden is in: chives, rosemary, marjoram, three kinds of tomatoes, radishes, kale, Swiss chard, mint, basil, sage, parsley, marigold, Texas Sage. I grew all but three from seed, and I marvel every time I look at the little guys that I didn't kill them.

I still have a few things in the greenhouse: I don't know what to do with my one remaining huge tomato plant. Anyone takers? It's a purple heirloom called "Black from Tula," and I grew it two years ago with much success--no cracking or blossom end rot, and it tasted great just sliced from the vine, still sun-warm, with just a shake of sea salt and pepper.

But the photo I'm happiest about is this one, taken by my friend Leeann at the Green Bay Barnes & Noble last week. She made my day in a serious way, and even got yelled at for snapping this pic. Tip of the hat to you, Fee! (Does Stephen Colbert have that phrase trademarked? I hope not...)
My next task is to do this all over again. I'm ten pages into the new project...290 more pages to go!


  1. I'll take the tomato plant!!
    Glad you made it to the other side.

  2. Blurbette Heidi3:30 PM

    I have the entire Schoolhouse Rock soundtrack on CD! My daughter is in love with it now, which makes it extra special!! So jealous that you have beautiful plants already. Someday a greenhouse for me. :) Keep going on the new project! Can't wait to see it! :)

  3. Linda5:50 PM

    New project, yeah! Can't wait.

  4. I LOVE that they were playing Schoolhouse Rock! What a fun idea. And congrats on the new project. It's so much fun to start something new, isn't it?

  5. We have the schoolhouse rock videos on DVD...perhaps a gift option for your adorable nieces someday? When you're there long enough to watch with them, of course.

    Good luck with the house sale! Crazy to sell when you'd given up hope, right?

    Your garden is looking great. I never knew a tomato plant could survive over the winter. Impressive.

    Love the table of your book at B&N! How awesome is that? Go you!

  6. J, I only wish I had such gardening powers! :) The tomato is from the same seedstock that I grew two years ago...hoping I have similar luck this season!