Monday, July 22, 2013

Now Presenting: Dina Silver!

I am so excited to showcase today the beautiful and hilarious Dina Silver, whose third, heartstring-tugging novel Finding Bliss came out last week. Dina is one of the rock stars of the indie publishing world, signing as an in-house author with Amazon last year. She's sweet, inspiring, and she's worked her ass off to get to this point. She is offering one lucky reader a signed paperback--just leave a comment about how you find bliss. And don't forget your email address so we can get you your copy if you win!

What it's About:
Chloe Carlyle has always longed for the perfect family.

Growing up with an alcoholic single mother, she has seen her share of heartbreak and disappointment, and is striving to build a new legacy for herself. After graduating from college, she takes a job working as a summer girl for the Reeds—a wealthy, accomplished family that personifies her American dream. Her summer takes an unexpected turn when the Reeds’ eldest son, Tyler, the star quarterback for Notre Dame, shows up and turns her life upside down.

An ambitious young woman with a wry sense of humor, Chloe never imagined herself as the type to succumb to the looks and charms of the hometown hero, but she falls hard for Tyler, and is devastated when they part ways at the end of the summer. As she heads off to law school, Chloe tries to convince herself this was just a fling, but she can’t quite get over him. It’s not until Tyler contacts her out of the blue late one winter night that everything changes.

After doing everything in her power to build the perfect life, Chloe soon learns that there are things beyond her control. She must draw on inner reserves of strength as her life takes unpredictable—and sometimes heartbreaking—twists and turns, and she finds herself faced with decisions she never thought she’d have to make. Poignant, heartfelt, and emotional, Finding Bliss is a reminder that you don’t have to live a fairytale life in order to have a happy ending.

 1. Tell us about Finding Bliss--what inspired you to write it?

Finding Bliss is a spin off of One Pink Line, and tells the story of, Chloe, who was Grace's best friend in OPL. Chloe grew up with an alcoholic mother, and has sort of always longed for the perfect family. The story begins as she's about to start law school, and follows her through those years and into married life and as she struggles to have children.

I really wanted to challenge the HEA concept with this book, and give readers something to ponder in the end. Hopefully I did!

2. What do you find most challenging about the writing life, and how do you cope?

For me, it's creating the story from beginning to end. Once I have it plotted out in my head, it usually flows onto the page pretty easily.

3. Who are some of your author idols?

Oddly enough, I'm in a complete true crime frenzy right now and reading everything by Ann Rule and Joe McGinnis. I'm also an old school Jane Austen goober.

4. What songs would be on the Finding Bliss playlist?

I love this question! Hmm…I think Chloe would listen to Maroon 5 and Fall Out Boy. Sort of angsty rock, but not too hard.

5. What teenage memory makes you cringe?

Putting concealer on my lips, then covering them in a pink-frosted Loreal lip gloss.

 Thanks Dina! Entries remain open until Thursday, noon CST. Because why not? Enter soon, and enter often, because you want this book!!!

A graduate of Purdue University, Dina Silver has spent the past fifteen years feeding her red wine habit by working as a freelance copywriter in the advertising industry. After seeing the bulk of her professional prose on brochures and direct mail pieces, she is delighted to have made the transition to novelist. She currently lives with her family in suburban Chicago. Additionally, she enjoys cheese fries, reality TV and talking about herself in the third person.

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  1. Bliss for me is my whole family home, it is winter (so we are cuddle in front of the fire). I have a good book, the girls are either reading or watching a movie with their daddy (my hubby).

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    Bliss for me is spending time with my grandson. He is a cutie.

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    Bliss for me is sitting down in my favorite chair reading a book with a Diet Coke and some chocolate in reach!

  5. Bliss fir me to getting up every morning and having a new amazing start!

  6. Sitting in sight of the ocean. Feet up. Good book in hand. Margarita by my side. I think that woudl be bliss at the moment!

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  8. I find bliss sitting on a chair at the beach by the ocean that's not heavily crowded watching the waves. I usually have a book with me to read, and I listen to the waves as I read.

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