Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Racing Nowhere for an Hour

To offset the additional cookie intake this time of year (and because I'm apparently somewhat of a masochist, not to be confused with my husband's former band "Massakist"), I have been upping the ante for myself at the Y. Monday night, for example, I took my first ever SPIN class.

As we hopped on the bikes and began to warm-up, I turned to my friend Julie. "So how long does this last?"

"About fifty minutes."

My heart sank. Actually, it began to look for the exits, because I was about to demand a great deal of work from it. Around the fortieth minute, I noticed I was looking at the clock an awful lot. Ten minutes to go, I thought, allowing myself to see the light at the end of the tunnel. And just at that moment, the instructor shouted, "We usually go for just fifty minutes, but I thought we'd go a bit longer today. Is everyone cool with that?"

My foot fell out of the pedal holster and I would have kicked her with it, had I been able to do anything other than sweat, pant, or take giant, rubbery steps like a cartoon character from the thirties.

Surprisingly, my legs are not sore from the ordeal, although now I remember why bicycling isn't my favorite activity in any season.

Next week, Zumba and pilates. Although it's been so cold here lately that I think I'm getting a pretty good core workout just by shivering.

PS: It's my best friend Cindy's birthday today ... I based the character of Jillian on her in the book, and she was SUCH an incredibly good sport about it. The universe and I would like to wish you a happy birthday, Cindy!!!!


  1. My favorite part of getting back into spinning? The soreness in my girl parts-- OUCH!

    PS- At 3 sessions it doesn't hurt anymore.

  2. Anonymous2:39 PM

    Just don't take one of the spinning classes where the bikes don't have seats! I know that's inspiration, but no thank you!

    And happy birthday to Cindy!

  3. I'd rather be exorcised than exercise, but then again I am lazy.

    Happy birthday to Cindy.

  4. When I took spin classes, I really liked it, but it was all about the teacher. My great teacher quit teaching, and I quit spinning. Just like that.

    And Happy BIrthday, CIndy! I enjoyed your role as Jillian!

  5. Just exactly HOW can a girl sit on a bike seat for that long and NOT suffer permanent hoo-ha damage? I mean, honestly.

  6. What is Zumba? And spinning just sounds like hell.

    Happy Birthday Cindy!

  7. Anonymous11:10 AM

    Kudos to you for not kicking the teacher. I think you earned yourself more cookies.

    Many happy returns to Jillian--er, Cindy.

  8. When I read that your body expends more energy trying to stay warm in a cold climate I couldn't believe I'd moved to SoCal! In NY I was skinny minny at 105; now I'm up to 123 after 16 yrs in Hollywood.