Thursday, July 16, 2009

GCC Presents: Samantha Wilde

Today on the Girlfriends' Cyber Circuit I'm pleased to present author Samantha Wilde, currently touring to promote her debut novel THIS LITTLE MOMMY STAYED HOME.

About the Book: Joy McGuire has gone from being skinny and able to speak in complete sentences to someone who hasn’t changed her sweatpants in weeks. But now with a new baby to care for, she feels like a woman on the brink and as she scrambles to recapture the person she used to be she takes another look at the woman she is: a stay-at-home mom in love with her son, if a bit addled about everything else. As a new mom herself, Wilde, a graduate of Yale Divinity School, wrote THIS LITTLE MOMMY STAYED HOME after the birth of her son when she was experiencing the ups and downs of new motherhood.
According to Wilde, “I wrote the book because I couldn’t not write it. I took my lap top to my bed during my son’s naps and wrote and wrote. I wrote the book I wanted to read. The book takes a hard look at the effects of new motherhood on a woman and on a marriage through the eyes of one stressed but insightful woman. It’s a story that will keep mothers going when they think they can’t go any further.”
Sounds like a book I'll be buying for a certain preggo friend of mine in a month or two! Samantha provided the following answers to my interview questions (which, don't you think I should mix them up soon? I do.).

1) Now that you are published, what (if anything) have you changed about your writing routine? Now I have to do it. So instead of lying in bed on a laptop, I sit on a big blue ball in an office/guest room. And I get to worry more. I could do without that part.

2) Do you listen to music while you write? No. I can’t imagine doing that. I’ve got so sieve-brained having young children it’s all I can do to think a single thought without a distraction.

3) Have you found that as you've developed your writing and story telling skills, you watch movies or read books 'differently?' I hope that never happens. I read for pleasure and reading gives me so much pleasure. Maybe the only thing I do differently is really appreciate authors more, even if I don’t love the book, I think of all the effort that went into it and feel a lot of compassion, sort of like, “wow, this sucked but I’m still impressed.”

4) What vacation would be most inspiring to you as a writer? You know, I love where I am, and I love where we vacation. Perhaps most inspiring would be having some alone time. Either that or spending more time with my family….

5) What is one of your strangest / most quirky author experiences? Telling people I’ve just published a book. It’s amazing to me how they respond. I feel like I’ve just announced that I floss. I’m surprised by how “not-a-big-deal” it is to most people, when it’s such a hard world to get in to.
Thanks Sam, and best of luck with your literary debut!
I'll be back Monday with some thoughts on my latest haircut (Are you supposed to leave the salon wondering, "Am I usually this ugly, but my split ends kind of hide it?"). Unless I discover another tiny hand in my garden. That would deserve immediate attention.

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