Monday, February 18, 2013

Shiny Happy People Everywhere....

February is always such a dreary month; but in just over thirty days, the first day of spring arrives. Despite the sagging, crusty piles of snow on every curb, the days are getting longer. You KNOW it won't be long before you can open your windows to air the place out. Dandelion fluff on the breeze and the first bike ride of the season aren't far behind.

There are lots of hopeful, optimistic things happening this month:

One of my dearest single friends goes on a date with "her dream guy" this Wednesday night. They have one of my favorite meet-cute stories ever: she volunteered to give a presentation to his 8th grade social studies class (and she claims she was all nervous and sweaty, which I don't believe for a second)...great conversation ensues...nervous follow-up phone call from him: "Thanks for coming to talk to my students; um, you forgot all the Jolly Ranchers you brought." Which is basically the same as saying, "I enjoyed meeting you and hope to hear from you again." Don't you think??? Two more emails are exchanged, and time is spent deciphering meaning. Fast-forward to Friday night, and a friend and I are practically shouting at her: "CALL HIM BACK AND ASK HIM OUT!!!!!!" So she did, and they have a date! It's like a real-life romantic comedy. She totally deserves a happily-ever-after, and I am dying to hear how the date goes.

Another friend, one of my best college pals, brings home her new adopted daughter this Friday. I am incredibly thrilled for her and her family, and can't wait to meet the little peanut.

J found out his job will NOT be outsourced, and he will actually be given a slight promotion.  I think you could hear my sigh of relief in Algeria.

I have five big grants due in mid-April; while they'll keep me crazy-busy, I enjoy working with these clients and I'm incredibly grateful for the work. (Given the dysfunction in D.C., I wasn't sure the Department of Education would have ANY money with which to award grants this season...)

One of my close friends undergoes drastic surgery this week, but I am so hopeful that this will put her on a solid road to recovery, and that she'll be feeling strong and ass-kicking again soon. (N? I have a feeling there will be kale casseroles and obnoxious humor in your future. You have been warned.)

I got to spend yesterday with the cutest kids in the world. We went out for frozen yogurt, and my five-year-old nephew informed me that "You should be grateful for the ice cream, because of where it comes from." (My sister: "Where does it come from, honey?") Nephew: mimes the milking of udders with his hands, plus the sound he imagines they'd make: "Psst--psst---psst---psst!"

Finally? I'm placing my order for new plants and seeds and rejoining our CSA today, and I meet with five fantastic book clubs later this month.

(I'll stop now before I break out into an Elton John song....)


  1. The funniest "meet cute" story is that the term "meet cute" is still around after all these years. One thing the internet and the KIDS haven't changed on us yet?

    Kale casseroles? Do you WANT your friend to get better or no?

  2. I LOVE the term "meet cute." LOL Then again, people teased me in college for my "mom and pop" language.

    Suzy, you just need me to cook you some kale. And tofu. ;)

  3. Anonymous8:54 PM

    Yeah, I was thinking the same thing as Suzy. Kale? Why?

    Also, I love meet cute stories. Mainly because I am old and will be alone forever.

    I cannot wait for Spring!