Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Is that Sputnik?

I have been so thrilled with my first experience participating in a CSA this summer. (No, that isn't shorthand for "Can't Stomach (men named) Allen.") Look at the goodies in our HALF-SHARE box two weeks ago:

I imagine I'd need a dolly to get the full-share box home.

In case you're wondering what that giant, nubby green ball is on the right, it's an eight-pound rutabaga. And it wasn't WOODY! It was jicama-like, sweet, crunchy, and mild. Our CSA (Olden Produce) is fabulous, and I highly recommend them. The variety of fruits and veggies in the weekly boxes forces you to get creative in the kitchen and vary your diet. This is a positive lifestyle change your colon AND your tastebuds can get behind. And convenient! Especially if you're like me and tell everyone, "Oh, I just go to the farmers' market when I want fresh produce," and then you sleep in each Saturday morning and totally miss it. And okay. I hear you: "But I don't know HOW to cook an eight-pound rutabaga, Jess!"

That's fine! Neither do I! So the green beast ended up in stir-fries and mostly straight to my stomach in raw stick form. And's can also play kickball with it if you want, 'k? But if you want to cook those potatoes in a form other than mashed, here is one of my all-time favorite recipe resources. Galettes galore, folks. Check it out.

We've only got a few weeks to go on produce this season, and I am already experiencing CSA withdrawal symptoms. But I recently learned of a NEW CSA I can join: the Enlightened Kitchen in Fond du Lac. They offer a bread share featuring organic, artisan sourdough, whole wheat, and rye breads ... and! AND! The possibility of a new vegetarian soup share, featuring:
  • Curried butternut bisque with coconut cream
  • Tomato and bread soup
  • Black bean with roasted peppers
  • Chick pea stew with creamy peanut sesame broth
  • Hearty winter root vegetable with brown rice
  • Italian potato gnocchi and pesto with asiago
  • Indian lentil with quinoa and tomatoes
Love it, love it, love it all. And this would mean one less night of cooking each week. I am so down with that. So if this looks appealing and you live in the area, sign up! I hear they need 30 people in the Appleton area to offer the soup share, so the more the merrier. The fall season runs from October 7 through December 23rd.

I'm seeing Mike Birbiglia tonight, prefaced by dinner at Cafe Coquette. *swoon!* It's like I'm a real grown-up, and everything! Will have more on these developments next week.


  1. Oh, I'm so jealous of those of who in a CSA area. I mean, who can't use an eight-pound rutabega?

  2. I'm anxiously awaiting for my brussel sprouts to come up AND have several butternut squashes I need to do something with.....thinking pasta.

  3. Hey Jess... I've never seen a green spiny rutabaga... b/c I heart rutabagas. In a google image search I think I found it to be a kholorabi (sp?). Rutabagas are brown, usually waxy, and really hard to bust into... but sooo tasty!

    AND, how was Mike Birbiglia?!? We saw him a couple of years ago in Lansing - HE.ROCKED!!!