Wednesday, December 16, 2009

A Few Things

I've been wondering about a few things. First, have you seen the commercials on TV for a new senior singles dating service? NOT ONE of the actors portraying a "senior" is a senior citizen. One woman appears to be twenty-six, with gray paint sprayed onto her blond ponytail. This makes me feel really great about aging.

Second, what's with the SHELLAC in a certain brand of high-fiber bars? Are people demanding that their day begin with a shiny breakfast? I don't typically varnish my waffles, but perhaps this is a delicious new trend I'm missing out on. Every time I'm shopping for breakfast bars I pick up a box to see if the shellac has been omitted from the ingredient list, but nope. It's still there, next to the high fructose corn syrup and partially hydrogenated palm oil. Just thinking of it makes me feel strong, healthy, and disease-free.

On a serious note, what the HELL is up with Uganda? Perhaps I'll have to go to Rwanda for my gorilla safari. Wait...maybe not. What century is it, again?

I hope your holiday preparations are going smoothly...merry Wednesday!


  1. Shellac is in breakfast bars? I never knew this - eeewwwwww.....

    A senior dating service? I haven't seen the ads for it out on the East Coast, but it's a smart idea.

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on my blog because it led me to your blog! I'm giving a few copies of your book for Christmas this year! Happy reading!

  3. Young women in senior dating service commercials are like thin women in plus size clothing commercials. STUPID.

    I don't know what's up with Uganda. Except that I think that there are many people right here in the U.S. (even California, where I live) who agree, and would do whatever to discourage people from living and practicing homosexuality. Sad and confusing, really.

    I don't eat breakfast bars or high fiber bars, so I have no idea on that one. If you eat shellac, will your hair be smooth and shiny?

  4. Yum, Shellac.
    The crushed up crunchy insect parts heated into a syrup used for coating furniture. And breakfast.
    Well it used to be insect parts. Ha

  5. Happy late Christmas (and happy early New Year :) )! We MUST catch up ... I will drop you an email soon, I promise!

  6. The shellac threw me, but I do have an opinion on the other stuff. No one wants to believe they'll get old. Or...that they'll get old alone. The idea of two elderly folk seeing each other and really wanting to get it on makes most of us feel uneasy, since we don't think of wrinkles and saggy flesh as sexually appealling. And...they're really not. In the same way that they get young female models to talk about wrinkle cream and commercials for people eating out and having a good time are never demonstrated by fat people. No one wants to watch a fat person least...that's how the advertisers feel. Depressing but true.

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