Thursday, January 03, 2013

Now Presenting: December Gephart! (And a Giveaway)

Hello, Mr. Nipple...
Big welcome to my friend December (we call her 'D'), and congratulations on the recent release of her debut novel,  Undercover Professor! It's such a fun story--takes place in Milwaukee, features a fun "gaming" angle, smart, funny, and definitely made me blush. I'm not too familiar with the romance genre, but I loved this one! D was kind enough to subject herself to my interrogation, which we shall commence with now. (Leave a comment below, and you're entered to win an e-copy of her debut!)

1)      Where did you get the idea for Undercover Professor?   Oddly enough - it was a Cosmo or Glamor magazine.  A few years back I saw a list on the top 10 guys you should avoid.  And I thought it was rather silly, because why would anyone need a list written up?  On that list were many of Andy's problems.  Lives with his mom, in between jobs and doesn't seem too interested in searching for a new one, etc.   Then one of my pals, who I consider pretty smart, told me her boyfriend still lived with his parents, and had no intention of moving out.   And he's a pretty decent guy, but it seemed like a huge red flag.  They ended up breaking up, and don't worry, she found her happy ever after with another guy.  

It got my writerly wheels to turning on a book about a girl who had a personal list of guys to avoid, due to previous heartbreaks.  But what if ... what if the perfect guy has no ZING, and the guy who's all wrong is zingy all over the place? 

      I know as a parent, you’re not supposed to say if you have a favorite child. But as a writer, do you have a favorite character in the novel?  I really love cousin Becca.  I know, she rubs a lot of people the wrong way.  But I just adore how she throws her whole self into love, without any safety net.  Even though she gets her heart broken over and over, she keeps pushing forward and believing that her True Love is out there.  She never ever stops believing.  And I love how crazy she is, and manipulative, but it all came from this place of blind love.  Everyone knows someone just like her.  Writing her was so much fun.

I just finished writing a wildly fun little novella about a Type A girl, and a laid back guy.  All of their dates go haywire, and it was hilarious watching my controlling, manic bossy pants get her undies in a bundle, and then watch her realize that maybe her world wasn't going to fall apart after all.  She is probably my current favorite.  She has a good sense of humor, but she's just squirming the entire time.  It's great fun.

3)      I loved Andy! Was he loosely inspired by anyone real? How do you feel about writing from a male perspective?  Well, physically I based him on Bradley Cooper.  Yummy.  In real life, this might shock you, but I don't tend to attract the playboy one night stand type of fellas who love dumb girls. 

I actually Love love love writing in the male perspective.  It's quite natural for me.  If I let myself, I'd have the majority of the book written in his Point of View.  I just love putting guys through the emotional wringer, I guess.  It's so fun watching them realize too late that they've messed it all up, and Oh Crap!  How are they going to fix it?  They're just so ... easy.  In the best sort of way.  But I also don't write the AlphaHole males. 

4)      Who would you most like to sit next to at a dinner party?  Probably you, because we end up together sooner or later!  And you don't seem to mind when I get exited and spittle red wine at you, or my purple tongue.  The important things...

      What keeps you awake at night?  HA - usually my 2 year old, hollering for a drink of water.  Or my dog snoring.  Or my husband, snoring.

      What’s next from you?  I have a few things in the cooker.  I have 2 books in with my editor now, (one of them is that fun novella.  I can't wait until that book gets picked up, it's so stinking cute and goofy,) and I just finished up a third.  Then I have a 4 book series I'm itchy to write. 

      Beets: love them or hate them?  Hate.  Them.  BLECH, I HATE BEETS.  I'm not even kidding.

Thanks D! I can't wait to read your next book.  If you'd like to win an e-copy of December's book, leave a comment telling us who YOU'D like to sit next to at a dinner party.


  1. Good thing this is for an e-book because if I won a paperback of the book I would have to hide it. That cover makes me blush just looking at it!

  2. Sounds like fun. I've had some blushworthy book covers to carry around in the past. LOL!

    Anyway, I love certain celebrities and wouldn't mind sitting next to a whole bunch of my favorites. Jason Segel is on the top of my list though. He's just so adorable!

  3. Not sure if you need it, but my e-mail address is mbamster0720 at gmail dot com

  4. I don't have an ereader because I'm living in 2009 but I did want to weigh in on who I'd like to sit next to at a dinner party. Bill Clinton on one side and Cher on the other. They pretty much cover everything.

  5. So many names come to mind. But I think Olivia Wilde would be my top choice. She had a fascinating childhood with journalist parents, is sharp witted and analytical, and extremely hot.

  6. Maybe after re-reading December's dinner guest comment, I want to have dinner with December and Jess. How about a table full of women whose first names are months of the year.

  7. Would love to read this one, thanks for the awesome giveaway!

    Well I would love to sit next to Jane Green on one side, and Marian Keyes on the other. I'm quite a modest girl, aren't I?LOL

    Not sure if you need my e-mail adress, but here it goes anyway


  8. Anonymous11:50 PM

    Ooh,ooh, pick me! I just got a Kindle for Christmas and am starting to really enjoy it. Still trying to get used to it because it doesn't quite feel like a book.

    Anyway, the perfect dinner party would feature my sitting between Stanley Tucci and Rowan Atkinson. And we would laugh and laugh and laugh some more. Although, I have to agree, I think you and December would be fun to hang out with.

  9. Love the idea for this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  10. Thanks for entering, everyone! I'm picking a winner today--update to follow shortly!