Thursday, January 17, 2013

You Can Call Me Thor

Life is full of so many moments when I wish I'd have said something differently--more cleverly, more tenderly, with more insight or wit or empathy. And I have a horrid knack for inserting my foot in my mouth, for not fully completing a thought before it tumbles out of my mouth. Which is why I much prefer email and writing to phone calls and public speaking, but I digress.

Last weekend I played wing-woman for my friend Julie, who is the lead singer in a kick-ass band. In the course of the evening, entertaining things were said and observed. But when a guy who offered to buy us a drink introduced himself as "Thor," I WISH I'd said, "It's great to meet you, Thor! I'm Zena, but you can call me Warrior Princess."

I don't know if it's just my gullibility, but he seemed incredibly sincere about his name actually BEING Thor. He even said that everyone cracks an Adventures in Babysitting joke as soon as they learn his name. He seemed tired of being hassled about it.

Sidebar: remember that scene where Elizabeth Shue's blind-ish best friend is sitting at the bus terminal and they have those clunky little TVs bolted to some of the chairs? Do they still have those?

Moving on. Of course I didn't ask for proof, I just thought it would be fun to pretend I really met someone actually named after a hammer-wielding god from Norse mythology.

In other news, I am being featured on the most-excellent Chick Lit is Not Dead blog today, with five personally inscribed copies of All the Lonely People up for grabs to match my five ridiculous answers to their "5 Best Evers" blog category. If you hop over and enter to win, it will look like I have some friends, which is always awesome.

Other things: Last night I met with a fabulous book club at a place called Cheesecake Heaven. Tonight I'm having a drink with this amazing singer. Tomorrow I'm featuring an interview and book giveaway here on the blog with one of the funniest people I know (you won't want to miss it, trust me). And I have MORE giveaways and interviews on deck. How is it possible that January can be this fun without a tropical vacation?


  1. I have the opposite problem. I say the *right* thing and then days later think I might NOT have wanted to say that particular *right* thing.

    I have sent more apology emails than I care to count. If you see me at a party, run, don't walk.

    And have alcohol handy. One of us is really going to need it.

  2. I'm sending an apology comment because I didn't thank you for shouting out my book for tomorrow.

  3. Anonymous2:20 PM

    I actually met someone named Thor once, legitimately. He's incredibly Scandinavian and his brother is named Peder. No sense of humor at all, one of the most boring people I ever met, considering how cool his name was.

    I love that movie so much. Especially when the car thief punches his boss out at the end. God, he was hot.

    I do not know you well enough to tell you the worst thing that I've ever said (and, by know you, of course, mean that the only reason I found out about your awesome blog and book was from seeing a comment one of my facebook friends that I've never met in IRL left on your page) but it's funny and horrible at the same time.