Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Just some pics

I can't think of anything really clever to write because I'm in a Chubby Hubby coma (other than the fact that a sign at Quiznos subs proclaiming the existence of 18,000 meal deal possibilities really pissed me off tonight. Who wants so many choices? That number of options can be debilatating to people like me! I don't have that kind of time, Quiznos publicity department bastards!).
Okay (clap of the hands), on to some random photographs for your viewing pleasure.

Here we are at a Packer game last fall. Note the Vikings hat. And the "Just Pork" shirt. We try to be the classiest, least confrontational couple no matter where we are. (A note to my dearest: Jason, nothing will ever come between us. Except this window sash.)

My sister painted this for my parents for Christmas. She's so talented I could just about puke.
(Love ya sis!)
Daisy won't watch television unless she's levitating.

Lorrie Moore wrote a novel called Who will Run the Frog Hospital. Well guess what? Turns out there's also a bird hospital. In my back yard. And this poor guy just came from a round of chemotherapy. He was such a trouper; raised two baby cardinals as a single Dad that summer, too.

Ohmygod. What do I do with this--wait. Dear Jesus. It's ... moving.
(Sidenote. I just realized how well my bridesmaid's dress matches the tablecovers behind me. Fee, was this planned? Hmmmmm? Also, when you are posing for pictures after the wedding and before the fancy dinner, be sure there are trophies growing from your head. It makes you look royal.)

And finally, here it is. The photograph that truly embodies the spirit of Riding with Larry Resnick. This is me at Arches National Park. Yes, my head is cut off by a flying camera strap. No, of course it wasn't planned. And somehow that says it all.


  1. Anonymous10:00 PM

    Laughed out loud on the camera strap picture. And the cardinal is strangely pretty half-plucked. I didn't realize they have black skin.

  2. Yer husband sure is cute. I like confrontation people. Being one myself.

  3. Whoever has the most firemen trophies is the weiner!!!!!

  4. Okay, on the theme of confrontation, I updated my damn blog. Go.

  5. Cute pics! I love the one where you're holding the baby.