Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Seventy-six Tan-gents in the Big Parade

The big news on my end is that Random House is considering a possible title change for Riding with Larry Resnick. At first I was dismayed; I’d grown used to Larry, and the thought of bidding him farewell made my stomach shimmy and shake. But here’s the thing: I am a teeny, weeny fish—a shrimp really, maybe even more like a krill or phytoplankton—in a vast ocean of authors, just trying not to be swallowed up by the James Patterson whale sharks of the world. Not only that: three years ago, I was nurturing a nice collection of rejection letters. Change the name of my novel that’s actually going to be published? Go for it! Heck, I’m just happy to be here!

So there may be a title change, but my stomach is no longer doing the Jane Fonda over it. And what will the new title be? I have an inkling, but I hesitate to even hint about it until things are firmed up. I do believe I like it. As always, more to come…

And now, queue up the Parade of Tangents!

First, check out this baby shower cake. Is this not the most adorable thing ever? Look at those cute little Wallace & Gromit faces! And they’re completely edible!!!

Alas, our digital camera died one week after this shot was taken. Can anyone recommend a sensibly-priced, user-friendly digital camera with just enough features to take fantastic photos? I know, it’s kind of a tall order. Here’s one of the last photos I took before the camera clutched its chest and keeled over. This one might even be in my book, because we got permission to print black and white photos at the beginning of each chapter. (Yay!) And the coolest thing ever: I took most of the photos during my road trip last year.

Moving on. Now it’s time for the latest installment of Just How Territorial Is My Dog? Today during our daily walk Daisy spotted an old, discarded toothbrush on our neighbor’s lawn. She trotted over to it, sniffed it, and yep—you guessed it—peed right on the mashed bristles. I still don’t know quite what to make of this.

Edited to add: Today, Friday, is my first post over at The Debs. I am honored to join this fabulous group of writers and look forward to sharing the next year with them. My first post is about movies, which I’m a little obsessed about. Just a little. Stop by and say "hi!"


  1. My book has had four, maybe five titles in it's pre-publication life. After awhile you find the right combination of Tums and Tylenol, and can even see the publisher's point about why certain ideas work better than others. Hang in there!!! And fear not, there are lots of us who will happily swim through the sea of books to get to yours when it comes out, no matter what it's called :)

  2. wow, very cool photo. looks like it was taken in my backyard.

    Your Debs grog (oops, I called it a glog at first and that didn't look right so I went to check again!) looks great. just what i need, another blog to visit every day. :)

  3. Well, since your book hasn't hit the shelves yet as "Larry," a title change shouldn't be that big of a deal. We'll buy it and love it no matter what you call it!

    Just don't let your dog near it ;-)

  4. at least Daisy didn't pee on the cake.

    That could have been awkward.

  5. Wow, congrats on the book! That's exciting, no matter what the title is.

    I mean, unless the title is The Bridges of Madison County.

  6. She peed on the toothbrush?

    That takes aim!

  7. Wallace and Gromit? Yep, you'll do just fine with kids!

    I don't care what they call your book - I'm buying it regardless. And Lisa's story over at The Debs nearly made me pee my pants.

  8. Your dog cracks me up. Seriously. I'd love to get my hands on her, if only to watch her in action.

    And the cake? Too cute to eat.

    As for the book title, they could call it "Please don't buy this piece of sh*t because you'll regret it" and I'd still buy it. Because I know the title would be entirely false. Can't wait!

  9. I love that wacky Daisy. Mostly because I know exactly where my toothbrush can be located. The Debs are lucky to get you!

  10. Hmmm...I like the title. It's very catchy. But, I'm guessing the other title is even better, right?

    My son broke my digital camera a few weeks ago, complete with two weeks worth of vacation photos *grrrr* I just bought a Sony. It's small and light and so far, takes great pics. I am not sure what you consider cheap or pricey, but I paid about $200 for it.

  11. uummmm..... was this cake, actually edible?

    as for the book, i'll totally read it and will subliminally add, "larry" whenever needed.

    "that's what fans/friends are for...."

    isn't it amazing i can add a song into everything i do?

    yes, i have a knack for that....

    and yes, i DID end my sentence with that.

    what of it?

    "oops.... i did it again...."

    a la britney spears.

  12. Brilliant cake. Brilliant dog. Brilliant you!

  13. I have a better baby shower cake and I will email you the photo...

    betcha can't wait??

    Off to check you at at Debs...

    xo steph

  14. How about they change it to, "Buy me. This is some really good shit." I'd buy it, totally. ;)

  15. Hang in there, Jess. Good things are coming. I'm getting all giddy hearing about your book. It's gotta be great.

    My dogs cancel each others' pee - over and over and over again. Yes, it's a calling card and territorial control. They'll pee on a candy wrapper that blows over the fence - again and again.

  16. Congrats on becoming one of the new Debs! That's wonderful news. I'm looking forward to popping by and reading all of your posts :)

  17. Too funny. I was just thinking about dog pee, due to a comment on my post today about a 'dead' opossum in my condo complex. Your dog would have peed on that, I'm sure.

    I, for one, am glad about the title change, because I keep getting Larry Resnick confused in my mind with Trent Reznor, and then I can't remmeber what band he's even in (I know, Nine Inch Nails, I just looked it up...somehow I thought it was the Goo Goo Dolls, which is just how much of a lame-ass I am). Somehow, in my naivitee, I thought that authors chose their own titles. Live and learn, clearly.

    LOVE the barn photo. It's gorgeous. I'll buy the book just for that. ;) And because you always crack me the hell up, and I'm hoping for some of that as well.

    Sorry, but to me, the cake is kinda creepy...I don't like eating children. At least not children made of sugar.

    Is that the longest, lameist (how do you spell lameist? Lamist? No, must be lameist) comment ever? No? I'll come back tomorrow and try again.

  18. I think you should change the title to "Catcher in the Rye."

    Because I bet it will do really, really well.

  19. I can't wait to read it whatever its called!

    Great photo - you are so multi-talented.

    I have a Sony Cybershot. About $400. Takes great photos - the price has probably come down since I bought mine two years ago.