Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Song Sung Blew

Housekeeping! First, congratulations to Dana Vittum on winning a copy of December Gephart’s debut novel, Undercover Professor! I’ll be hosting more authors in the weeks and months to come, with more chances to win great books, so stay tuned, kemosabes!

Official Blog Post Starts … NOW!

J and I are big-time Song Quoters. We’ll be moseying around the house, or chopping up a salad for dinner, and all of a sudden one of us will be struck with the urge to sing a random song lyric that’s vaguely related to the task at hand: “Put ‘em in your mouth and suck ‘em!” ... while unwrapping a Dove dark chocolate Promise, for example.

(Chef, from South Park, singing “Chocolate Salty Balls”)

Sometimes we make up our own songs. “Restin’ pants, restin’ pants, hot diggity dog, it’s restin’ pants!” A few nights ago we were marching around the living room singing this together: “Let’s go read! Let’s go read! Let’s go read!” Because one of our favorite pastimes lately is reading before bed. Me, all smug on my side with my light, sleek little Kindle, and him on his side, wrestling with a fifty-pound paperback that keeps falling on his face, in the delicate lady reading glasses he bought at Fleet Farm.

Speaking of Fleet Farm, did you know that this is where every AARP-eligible citizen in my city buys birdseed? We were there last weekend and I lost track of how many natty-looking older gentlemen had only this item in their cart. We bought a 25 pound bag of sunflower seeds as well, because we like fitting in with the crowd. They don’t taste the greatest, though.

There was also a run on mittens! There were seriously thirty people crammed into a short aisle devoted to gloves and winter hats marked down to 30% off. J looked at me at one point to dramatically sing a snatch of lyric from the Michael McDonald song playing on the loudspeakers above.

Sidebar: please revoke my speaking and/or writing privileges if I ever use the phrase “snatch of lyric” again.

Also, here’s a song: “I just finished my … novella!” (To the tune of Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called To Say I Love You”) It’s a lot of firsts for me: first novella, for one thing. What’s a novella, you ask? It’s basically a “fun-size” novel. Perfect for a rainy afternoon or to pass the time while you wait for the oil to be changed in the mini-van.

It’s also the first work of fiction I’ve set in my current hometown (featuring lots of local landmarks), first story I’ve written entirely in the third person POV / past tense, first sweet, quirky love story with no heavy themes (“Hooray!” cheer all of you), AND the first to feature awesome bonuses. What awesome bonuses, you may be asking? Well, you’ll just have to wait and see! 

I’m hoping to release it on President’s Day, just so I can type, “In honor of everyone’s favorite holiday, I give you …"  and then I announce the title, which is still a secret because I’m not sure I want to keep it.

Next week I’ll be featured on Chick Lit is Not Dead. I think I answered the wrong interview questions, but as the Cornelius Brothers once sang, "It's too late...to turn back now..."


  1. You're now going to be a writing machine, like Eileen Cook. I hate - and envy - you both.

  2. Teresa Thiel6:57 PM

    ouch - I buy all my bird seed at Fleet Farm and I am AARP eligible {OK I'm a member :-( }.

    I'm excited to read your novella but it sounds like it won't be long enough for me - I'm still wishing All the Lonely People was longer (any chance you will write a sequel?).

  3. Anonymous11:18 PM

    I sing to everything. When I got my scrapbooking tote, I called it the wheelie tote and sang the wheelie tote song which is sung to The Lion Sleeps Tonight but you replace lion with wheelie tote.

    I also feel that if I have a song stuck in my head, it needs to be stuck in my roommate's head. She doesn't really care for that theory.

    Can't believe I won! So awesome!

  4. Dove dark chocolates are my fave too!