Monday, September 29, 2008

One Week 'til Work

Another crazy-busy weekend! Thank you to Terri for hosting a fantastic book group meeting on Friday night (y'all are lovely and such fun), thank you to my Pretty Aunt Julia for hosting our visit on Saturday (great family, great food), and thank you to my folks for taking us to lunch yesterday (Free lunch AND I get to see my nephew? Swoon!)

Alright, now that my Weekend Oscar Speech is over, let's move on to business. First, we rented the Sex & The City movie, and I was tickled when Samantha adopted a small terrier who enjoys making sweet, sweet love to inanimate objects, because my dog DOES THE SAME THING.

A few summers ago, my devout grandma and godmother came to visit, and during the tour, as we stood in a circle upstairs, Daisy dragged her dog bed into the middle of our human circle and began vigorously humping it. Nobody said a word; instead, we all looked up at my flaking ceiling as if it held the answers to every riddle that had ever stumped us while Daisy did things to her dog bed that are quite possibly illegal in several states.

Call me twisted, but I enjoy those uncomfortable moments that juxtapose the mundane (or serious) with the slightly warped, offensive, or inappropriate. This means that I got a raging case of the church giggles at least once a month when I was growing up.

PS: the line from my previous post? ("Go do it, and be successful with it!") Is from an old SNL skit.


  1. Ha ha, I can't believe your dog does that too! I also love those uncomfortable moments in life now. When I was younger I would have been horrifie.

  2. Anonymous10:41 AM

    Ah, yes--the dreaded church giggles. And why was it I always got in trouble when it was my brother who started it?

  3. YES! The church giggles! How is it that things are SO MUCH FUNNIER when you're in church?

  4. ::snicker:: I suspect I'd have had the church giggles as well, had my family been devout.

    I DID have a cat who liked to ummmm, date my kitty slippers. Wouldn't have been so problematic had he not weighed twenty pounds and only liked to woo them when my ten year old self was walking around in them.

  5. OMG...I totally forgot about Samantha's dog. That was very funny.

  6. Anonymous8:37 AM

    So hysterical about your dog because mine tend to go in "spurts". They will #1 only hump legs and will #2 only do it in bed (should I be very concerned? I should probably be extremely concerned and a bit embarrassed about where they learned this). They will go for weeks on their good behavior and the BANG ( excuse the pun!) they will go for two weeks straight of "inappropriateness" where I have to hide my legs under the sheets before my husband lifts them onto the bed and then he takes his legs into his own hands when he tries to get into bed.
    AS for the church giggles? I completely understand. I sometimes get them so bad I think my lungs are going to explode from trying to contain myself as tears run down my face...Destroying my mascara, of course.

  7. Anonymous11:16 AM

    my parents had a cat who did that same thing--consistently to a decorative teddy bear. I don't know which was more disturbing, the horny cat or the fact that my mother decorates with stuffed animals.

  8. My dog used to do that to dateboys that would come in my house. Wouldn't do it any other time, just when there was a guy over. SOOOOO embarrassing. And not in a good way.

  9. I can't stop laughing...! I did not watch Sex & The City movie. I do have a dog Daisy. And she humps odd things also, at the most inopportune times! The oddest thing she "dates"?? THE CAT!


    Haha...glad I found your blog during my wandering tonight! I needed the joyful bellylaugh!

  10. Yes, uncomfortable times...I've had some of those dog humping moments, but I think my all time favorite was playing the organ in church while my kids were in the first pew laughing and talking and just being bad, while I stared and made mean faces at them, trying to get them to behave, when they knew all along I couldn't do anything about it, cuz I had to keep playing "Count Your Blessings, Name Them One By One!" Of course, everyone in the congregation saw me making faces!

  11. my sister;s dog does the same thing and we can never stop laughing once he starts.

    Reading Cancer is a Bitch now and loving it. Shoe Contest!