Thursday, September 04, 2008

What's in a Name?

I'm feeling a bit melancholy today. I finished my novel-in-progress last night, typing "The End" around 11:30 p.m. All of my cute little caterpillars are gone for the season, and I only have three Monarch chrysalides left. It's raining, thirty degrees colder today than it was just 48 hours ago. Officially, there are just two weeks of summer left, and then I go back to work, and the view from my office window changes from squirrels scampering amidst nodding flowers to neon signage for Slim & Chubby's bar and the Electric Beach tanning salon.

To cheer myself up, I made a list of funny names:

Cruella Stallone
Nipples McGinty (this is a variant on the old favorite, “Tits McGee”)
Pants Walton
Bob McScrotey
Aeryola Huntingdon
Jimothy O’Neil
Terri Herre
Norm Finklestein
Buela Green
Nosmo King

At least two of these are real names--care to guess which ones?

Here are some other more cheerful things to check out:

Fellow Deb (Class of '07) Mia King's follow-up to Good Things, Sweet Life, is now in bookstores everywhere. It has been chosen as a featured alternate for the Doubleday, Literary Guild, and Book of the Month Club book clubs, and I can't wait to read it. To celebrate the launch, Mia is offering readers a chance to win one of 25 “Life is Sweet” chocolate, cookie and signed books gift baskets valued at over $80 each! Just visit her website to enter.

Also, my blogging buddy Manic just told me about a contest being held over at Betty Confidential; enter to win the same flatiron styling tool Jennifer Aniston uses, or some Starbucks gift cards. You have 'til September 15 to enter. And tell 'em Jess sent you.


  1. I hope Nipples McGinty is one of the real names, but that's probably just wishful thinking...

    I would like to submit Farty McFarts for your consideration as a funny name. Yes? No? That's what I'm going to call my fiance now that he's decided that he can finally fart in front of me. (And I tell him that it's not too late to break off the engagement and FOR GOD'S SAKE MAN, STEP OUTSIDE!)

  2. The real names are Terri Herre and Norm Finkelstein.

  3. Anonymous3:39 PM

    not sure about "real", but i DO remember "nosmo king" from the ramona books!!

  4. How did they get a picture of me and my daughter for a cover of that book?? HOW RUDE!!!

    OK that was totally lame. I weigh about 800 lbs more than her, and I'm pasty with moles to boot. But a girl can dream, right?

  5. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Hey, I know Norm! Besides him, I think I might have run in to Nosmo King. Not literally of course, but what a cool name! I think he was an extra on Miami Vice.

    Thanks for the link to Betty Confidential. I'm going to check it out! Have a great weekend...

  6. Anonymous1:22 PM

    Congrats on finishing the WIP!!!!!! I only wish there was a way to show me Snoopy dancing rather than just using a bazillion exclaimation points!!!!!!! WOOT!!!

    (When can I order a copy?)

  7. Anonymous2:35 PM

    Any way to turn those final typed words into a high? Come on girl, you're done! Just think about all the cool people you're going to meet in your next novel.

  8. Anonymous3:12 PM

    Those are some really awful names--are you using them in your next book? You know, the one you write after finishing this one?

  9. Why would finishing your WIP leave your feeling melancholy rather than elated?

  10. I think this melancholy feeling is floating in the air and I caught a big whiff of it too.

  11. Norm and Terri?

    Yea, going back to work sucks, I go back tomorrow after 8 weeks leave. I can't even begin to imagine the piles on my desk....I'll be thinking of you looking at the lights from the bar and tanning salon!

  12. Hey Melancholy friend!

    I'm guessing Norm Finklestein is real, and Buela Green. Terri Herre sounds like a fun chick though!

    Yay for finishing MR!!! I can't wait to read (again!).

    And thanks for sharing the video.

    I posted ANOTHER one, thanks for your friend, I think it is your friend December, yeah, who cyber-introduced me to the Neti-Pot, right? Well, I created a video to share the knowledge that she has shared with my sinuses. Thank her for me, will you!
    Manic Mommy Neti Pot vid


  13. I hope it's NMcG :)

  14. I knew a man named Donald Duck. Really.